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Nikon Scopes

Nikon Scopes
Nikon Authorized Dealer

All Nikon rifle scopes feature precision Nikon optics, are waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and come with Nikon's Full Lifetime Warranty.

Shooting at targets or hunting game, you'll appreciate Nikon's top notching optic clarity and toughness.

Nikon: The best scope for the money !

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About Nikon Scopes

When it comes to value, Nikon produces the best rifle scopes for the money.

Nikon Sport Optics produces a full line of rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, laser rangefinders that incorporate advanced technology at a price that makes Nikon products the best value on the market.

Nikon is an optics manufacturer and only uses lenses manufactured by themselves. Super-clear optics and excellent build quality can be found in all their products.

Nikon hunting scopes offer a full range of products to satisfy any hunter or target shooter.

The ProStaff scopes boast a 98% light transmission, fast focus eye piece and finger adjustable, zero-resettable adjustment knobs. The innovation BCD 150 reticle available on the ProStaff rimfire sets a new standard in rimfire accuracy.

The Nikon Monarch 3 line of scopes offers 95% light transmission and excellent optical resolution. From the very low power Monarch African scopes the super high power 8-32x, the Monarch provides premium quality at a very impressive price.

The M-223 scopes are designed specifically for the .223 / 5.56mm round. The shooter sights in at 100 yards, then using either the NikoPlex reticle and elevation dial that is graduated in yards or the BDC reticle, shooting the .223 round had never been easier.

Nikon has released some specialty scopes recently. The Bolt XR Cross Bow scope is specially made for cross bows with 305 feet per second velocity. The BDC 60 reticle allows the shooter to sight in at 20 yards and accurately shoot out to 60 yards.

The Coyote Special scopes are designed for the .22-250 or .223 rounds and come in a variety of camo or black finishes. Complete with an ARD (anti-reflective device) to keep the coyotes from spotting your location.

The in-line muzzle loader scopes and shotgun scopes offer extended eye relief and BDC recticles specially made for today’s modern in-line muzzleloaders and rifles slug guns.

An new innovation for Nikon is the Spot-On technology. The Nikon owner can go to the Nikon Hunting website and determine the exact range represented on there BDC equipped scope for any caliber, sight in distance and elevation. Also new are the Spot-On turret technology. Nikon will produce a special elevation knob for any Nikon scope specifically for your ammo. This will be very useful for Nikoplex reticle scopes.

Nikon rifle scopes, from the Prostaff to the Monarch 3 and everything in between, will provide you with solid build quality and a lifetime warranty backed by Nikon.