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Leupold 50000, Standard 1-Piece Scope Base, Winchester 70A, Gloss Finish

Leupold 50000, Standard 1-Piece Scope Base, Winchester 70A, Gloss Finish
Item# 50000

Product Description (click on image above to enlarge)

This Leupold STD 1-Piece Base (50000) is rock-solid, windage adjustable and also fits in most rifles. The forward part of the base accepts a dovetail ring, locking it solidly into position. The rear ring is secured by Windage adjustment screws. This base is designed to receive standard rings. Using the windage adjustment feature built into the base allows the centering of windage adjustment clicks on the scope for a more accurate and dependable elevation adjustment plus, you never run out of windage adjustment due to misaligned receiver drilling. All bases include torx screws and torx driver tool. The Leupold MR/T scopes feature Mid-range (out to 400 yards) accuracy for tactical and competitive shooting.

LEB50000 Standard 1-Piece Mount Base Features:

  • The MR/T also has Leupold's Matched Index System for up to 98% light transmission
  • Machined steel construction
  • Versatile, available for many different rifles
  • Long Range STD 1-Piece mounts provide 1/4 degree of built-in elevation

LEB50000 Standard 1-Piece Mount Base Specifications:

Model Number: 50000
Name: Winchester, 70A, Gloss Finish
Style: Standard
Type: 1-Piece Base