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ACOG scopes are the most common scopes that are used for military and police operations. The users always admire these because the accuracy and the ease of these scopes' actions always charm the users. Shooting experience will be very easy for the users with this product. The core advantage that the people will get from these ACOG scopes is fluency in the short-range shooting. 

There are 4x magnifications settings provided in this cope, and the total scope is built with sturdy materials. Besides, the objective lens and the illumination quality of these scopes are also laudable. On the whole, these scopes are perfect for law enforcement operations.  But these scopes are manufactured explicitly for government purposes, so it is quite challenging for the ordinary folk to get hold of these products. 

In such scenarios, there are similar products that are manufactured by companies that will serve you as the perfect alternative to these scopes. Besides, the quality of these alternative scopes is also admired by the users. The main difference that remains dominant between these two products is the build quality and technological nuances. 

Apart from this, all the other features are similar. Assessing these situations, our team has shortlisted the five best ACOG clone (Trijicon Alternative). These products are the best in the market, and we assure you that the features you will get with these products will amuse you as a shooter. These products will offer you the best shooting experience at affordable prices. 

Moreover, the products we have mentioned here are tested by officials, and the government approves these. We will provide an in-depth description of these products, which will allow you to buy the best one for your usage purposes. All of these scopes will work correctly for the learning purposes of the beginners.

The Top Five Best ACOG Clone (Trijicon Alternative)


Trijicon ACOG 4 X 32 Scope

The first scope that we want to discuss is the Trijicon ACOG 4x32 scope. This is a high-quality scope which is used for military purposes. Besides, this scope is also suitable for police work. One of the most critical aspects of this scope is the wide availability of this product. This scope comes with 4x magnification settings. This magnification setting is always preferred for official purposes. 

Besides, this product comes with a thirty-two-millimeter objective lens. This lens is manufactured using sturdy materials, and the company is very frank about this lens's durability. The users always laud these improved magnification settings and the high-class objective lens, and for this reason, this scope is highly recommended by the US Marine Corps and US army. Now we would like to give some thought to the advanced design of this product. 

The manufacturer has introduced the rugged aluminum construction system for primary body production. The hollow body of the scope is placed inside a 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum tube. This aluminum tube is manufactured with other metals, making it highly durable against all odd situations. Another exciting feature that has been incorporated in this scope is the battery of free illumination. 

Conventional scopes are manufactured using battery-operated reticles. This helps to maintain the light aperture while aiming, but it becomes difficult for the users to aim in low light when the battery runs out. For this reason, the company has managed to make the reticle automated, so there will be no use of the battery in the reticle, and the light aperture will be adjusted automatically according to the environment. 

The illumination for aiming will never be a prime issue when you are using this scope. This scope contains both eyes open aiming method. This allows the users to aim through the scope by keeping both eyes open at a time. This is highly beneficial for the people who face difficulty with precious while aiming with one ye closed. 

This scope's dimension is highly compatible with the rifles, so you will not need any extra accessory for connecting the scope. Besides, the weight of this scope is also less, which is only 2.2 pounds. This helps to carry the gun fluently in all situations. This scope also provides a bullet drop compensation at a range of eight hundred meters, 


  • This scope comes with an automatic illumination control feature on the reticle.
  • This scope is manufactured using high-quality aluminum, which is used in air-crafts.
  • This scope has a magnification level, which can accommodate up to 4x settings.
  • The US Army and Marines forces extensively use this scope.
  • This scope can accommodate both eye open shooting features for better accuracy.


  • The company should develop the duel illumination property of this scope.


Wipboten Optic Scope 4x32 Scope

The next scope that we want to discuss is the Wipboten Scope. This scope is manufactured by a famous company named Wipboten. The users always appreciate the scopes manufactured by this company. This scope is one of the best alternatives for ACOG rifles. There are improved features that are incorporated in this scope. These features will surely help you get the experience instead of ACOG riflescopes.

The reticle included in this scope is manufactured with preciseness. Wipboten uses the advanced BDC reticle as the core source of aiming through this scope. The BDC reticle comes with certain advantages that are always liked by the users. This reticle will provide you excellent light collection during low light situations; besides, the glass used in this reticle's manufacture is highly appreciated for sturdiness.

The image obtained through this reticle is very crisp and sharp. The users will get a good picture of the prey while aiming through this reticle. This reticle is very useful, and the price of this reticle is also affordable. So the overall manufacturing cost of the scope does not get high. The zoom operation included in this reticle is also very easy to perform.

Maintaining brightens inside the reticle is always a prime issue for the users. The difference is aiming is controlled by the amount of light aperture through the reticle. For this reason, this scope uses fiber technology. This clone scope uses a real fiber source technology to increase the brightness through the scope. This scope's clarity may differ in comparison to real-life ACOG scopes, but during daytime shooting, you will surely get the best visual experience via this scope.

There is a red fiber arrangement in this scope, which increases the reticle's visibility during daytime operations. Now comes magnifying this scope; basically, the ACOG scopes are not used for long-range shooting. They are keeping this aspect in mind the company has provided a 4x magnification system in this scope.

This will allow you to aim correctly in the near distance, and the shot will surely be on point. The scope also uses a thirty-two-millimeter objective lens. The field of view that is provided by this scope is abruptly large. This is highly advantageous for users. The eye relief supplied with this scope measures 2.75 inches, which is relatively bigger than similar ACOG clone scopes.


  • This scope comes with an advanced BDC reticle, which helps to maintain accuracy.
  • The magnification and objective lens of this product is similar to original ACOG settings.
  • This scope has a relatively more immense sized eye relief for better comfort of the users.
  • The illumination settings of this scope are awe-inspiring.
  • This scope includes fiber optics to maintain the lighting in the daytime.


  • The lenses used in this scope should be fully multi-coated.


Crushunt 4x32 scope

Our third ACOG clone scope from the list is the Crushunt 4x32 scopes. Crushunt manufactures these, and this scope is the flagship addition to their list of riflescopes. One of the most lauded features of this scope is the chevron reticles. The users always admire these reticles because aiming with this scope is very easy. Sometimes the users get confused while aiming because the cross-hair arrangement may disrupt the entire process.

And the reticle sometimes gets blurred due to adverse conditions. But the chevron reticles used in this scope will indeed eliminate these aspects. For the users' better visual experience, there is a red chevron provided at the cross-hair junction. This makes aiming very precise while using this scope. When you have placed the prey in the chevron mark, then you will have a sure shot.

So the possibility of missing the target while shooting with this product is very minute. This is one of the core advantages of this scope. This scope's magnification settings are restricted to 4x capability, and there is a thirty-two-millimeter objective lens incorporated in this scope. These are the exact settings that are applied to the original ACOG scopes.

We want to discuss this product's construction procedure, and the manufacturing company is very frank about the materials used for preparing this product. Metals are used to construct scopes, but this company uses air-craft based aluminum for the entire body. This is highly advantageous because the aluminum used in the product will adjacently provide better rigidity to the scopes.

And the adverse weather situations will not be able to affect the operation of this scope. This scope is shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof, so you can quickly get the best result from this product. Another important technology that is used in this scope is the Bindon Aiming Concept. Glyn Bindon introduced this concept.

This is highly efficient for aiming. The persons who face difficulties aiming to move objects can use this product. With this product, they can aim moving objects keeping both eyes open. This will make the shooting perfect, and the experience gathered by the users will help them in future operations. The eye relief provided in this scope measures 1.5 inches, which is relatively less but ensures comfort to the users' eyes properly.


  • This scope comes with an advanced chevron based reticle.
  • This scope is equipped with the Bindon Aiming Concept.
  • This product comes with a high-end weather protective coating.
  • This product features a sturdy construction for regular usage purposes.
  • The price of this scope as an ACOG alternative is quite affordable.


  • Some users of this scope have opined the eye relief as short.


Ozark Armament 4X Magnified Optic

The second last scope from our list is the Ozark Magnified Optic, this is a high-end scope, a clone for ACOG scopes, and Ozark Armament manufactures this scope. This company is very famous for manufacturing high-quality weapon accessories. The features of this scope are quite similar to the other products on our list. This scope features a thirty-two-millimeter objective lens.

This lens helps to aim the prey properly, and the magnification of this scope is always maintained within 4x, which is the standard for the original ACOG rifle scopes. The reticle, which is this scope, is equipped with also has high illumination capability. This reticle will allow adequate light aperture in both daytime and nighttime conditions.

The buyers are always concerned about the mounting option that comes with the scope because the scope's main body remains attached to the rifle via this mounting piece. The company is very sincere about this aspect because of the best quality Picatinny mount for this scope. This mounting accessory keeps the scope firmly connected with the rifles.

The installation of this mount to the scope is straightforward and quick. This scope is powered using a battery, and you can recharge this battery. This is highly beneficial for some cases because battery operated scopes are long-lasting. You can also see the battery's charge by the red, blue, and green mark provided by the company.

Besides, the weight of this scope is significantly less, which is only 1.5 pounds. The materials used for the construction of these scopes are very sturdy. Additionally, the scope comes with a ¼ MOA adjustment option. This helps to control the windage and elevation related issues. Besides, this scope is equipped with 3.5-inch tremendous eye relief. This instrument ensures the total comfort of the users.


  • The product comes with a high-quality Picatinny mount.
  • This scope has a gigantic eyepiece, which measures 3.5 inches.
  • The reticle of this scope can accommodate proper illumination in all conditions.
  • The products are entirely battery operated, which makes the product long-lasting.
  • This weight of this scope is significantly less, which makes it easy to carry


  • The fiber optics-based illumination is better than battery-powered illumination.


Army Base ACOG Chevron RifleScope

The last scope from our list is the Army Base Riflescope. This is very popular among the users because the features offered by this scope are very efficient. This scope also comes with chevron based reticles. These are highly beneficial for shooting accuracy. The mounting system of this product is a bit different from the other scopes described in our list. This scope uses the weaver rail system for mounting, and mounting the scope with this instrument's very straightforward.

For magnification and illumination purposes, this scope uses fiber optics. This is very useful because the battery-operated illumination systems may get damaged by powerful fiber optics, and they can be sustained in adverse situations. The objective lens comes with multi-coating, which resists the lens from scratches and abrasion. Besides this scope, this scope weighs only 1.3 pounds, and the color of this scope is very suitable for obtaining a stealth vibe while shooting.


  • This scope comes with weaver rails mounting system.
  • The objective lens of this scope is multi-coated to resist scratch.
  • The weight of this scope is only 1.3 pounds.
  • The scope uses fiber optics to maintain the light aperture.
  • This scope offers a wide field of view for the users.


  • The scope does not have tritium, which is essential for low light situations.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Best ACOG Clone (Trijicon Alternative)

ACOG clone scopes are always hard to choose because the features incorporated in these scopes create similar original products. For this reason, customers often get confused while buying the product. But they need to know the differences between these scopes, and the most important thing related to purchasing such products is the buyer's ability to distinguish between the products. 

This will help the buyers assess the products properly. The probability of buying the wrong product will also get lessened. Our team is always there to help out the readers. For this reason, we have shortlisted some aspects which can help you choose the best products. Our professionals specifically mark these points out through extensive market research and public opinion. 

You will bet a brief idea about the qualities that should be present in a good quality ACOG clone scope. Besides, the availability of a similar product in the market will not create confusion while buying these products. We hope that these points will be highly beneficial for our customers in the decision making phase.

  • Reticle Quality

When you decide to buy the ACOG clone scope, the first thing that comes to mind is the reticle incorporated into the product. There are different kinds of reticles used in the construction of the scope. The most common reticle used in these scopes is the BDC reticle. This reticle provides better accuracy, and the illumination of this scope is very high in low light situations. But more selectively, we prefer the reticle with a chevron; these reticles come with a red chevron on the crosshair junction. This accelerates the accuracy while aiming.

  • Magnification Quality

Magnification is significant for obtaining the best-targeted shots. This setting helps to adjust the zoom in the scope. This option is provided in all the scopes, and you can easily control this with the turret supplied by the company. But there are differences in the magnification settings according to the type of scope that you are using. For the long-range shooting scopes, you will undoubtedly use scopes which has large magnification factor. But for the ACOG clone scopes, it is better to buy the scopes which have the magnification factor restricted between 4x capacities. 

  • Illumination Settings

Light aperture is positively associated with the quality of the scope. There are two core lighting conditions for the scope. These are the daytime lighting condition and nighttime lighting conditions. For the daytime lighting condition, you will need a scope that can reduce the light aperture, but you will need a scope to increase the light aperture for the nighttime lighting condition. For your readers' betterment, we suggest the scope that can accommodate both of these settings at a time and both eyes open shooting techniques.



What are the significant differences between these clone scopes and the original ACOG?

The ACOG clone scopes are manufactured with all the features similar to the actual scopes, but some differences can still be pointed out between these products. The unique nuances dominant in these scopes are the reticles, there are differences in the reticles, but it does not hamper the scopes' total workability. Besides, the turrets used in this scope and the illumination settings of this scope is also different from the regular ACOG scopes. Apart from these, there are no significant differences between the original product and the clone product.


How many rounds can these ACOG clones hold?

The people who cannot afford the real ACOG scopes most likely use these clone scopes. The original scopes' price is more than fourteen hundred dollars, so it isn't easy to buy these, and the government also does not approve ordinary folk to buy these scopes. So the clone scopes are more affordable in this situation. Besides, the workability of these scopes is also similar to the original scopes. These clone ACOG scopes will hold five hundred plus rounds for shooting. This is highly advantageous for beginners, and the scopes will also be long-lasting.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we think that the scopes we have described in our list will help our readers buy the best alternative for ACOG scopes. But for the betterment of our readers, we specifically want to suggest the Trijicon ACOG 4 X 32 Scope. This scope is the replica of the ACOG scopes, and the manufacturing company is also the same. The reticle and the materials used in this product's construction are similar to the original ones. The cost of this scope is affordable, and shooting with this scope will always be on target. The most exciting feature of this scope is lightweight and massive eye relief for the users' comfortability. Thus, our list of the top five best ACOG clone (Trijicon alternative) will be best for your rifle. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!!

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