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Vortex Crossfire II

The best scope for your crossbow is an extension you definitely must have to advance in your skill. You may have the best gear and the best crossbow but not the right scope, then none of it matters.
You need a proper guide into the world of crossbow scopes so, what is it that will help you pick out a scope good enough for you? In this guide, I will take you through some of the top crossbow scopes and rifle scopes that are adaptable for your crossbow.

How accurate you are when you fire depends on how well enough you scoped your target. These days scopes can do more than just zoom in and out your target. These instruments have evolved to include turrets for adjustment of elevation and windage and many more.

When you buy a crossbow, they come with scopes, but they are only good enough for medium performance. You should seek out more advanced scopes with better specifications if you are serious about growing your skill.

A scope is a scope, right? Wrong. There are scopes for every use. There are rifle scopes for guns and rifles. They vary with the type of rifles. Our focus will be on crossbow scopes but, we can make an exception for a few highly versatile rifle scopes.

A word of caution, however, if you are interested in any one of these highly adaptable rifle scopes, it is best practice to make sure that it fits perfectly and is compatible with the type of crossbow you own.

You need to be specific to your model of a crossbow. It will ensure you get the most out of your scope and crossbow. You do not need to worry though, here is a list of ten top of the range scopes from which you can choose.

Top 5 Best Crossbow Scope



This scope is tailor-made for crossbows. The build and materials used all go to ensure the highest quality output for you. The main tube is made of one-inch long aluminum, a strong material that contributes to its durability and strength.

It comes with a thirty-two mm lens that gives you a wide field of view for easier spotting. It also helps to minimize the loss of your target in motion. The lens is made free of parallax. So, when you have your target in your crosshairs, there is little to no chance of missing.

Though the lens magnification is not adjustable from the fixed 4x, there is no cause to worry because at that setting limits of your crossbow will have been reached, and you will get the most out of it.

The lens is a work of wonder. It gives you the best clear picture you could need. Its physical attributes protect it from the elements, thereby providing you with consistent performance of high quality.

During those foggy mornings in high altitude areas, the scope lens remains clear as ever. It is tough, the rain causes no damage, and should it fall, the impact will have little to no negative effect on it.

It can site to about a hundred yards so you can track prey from a safe distance. The red and green brightness is adjustable to your specifications. It will personalize your hunting experience even more


  • It has great precision and accuracy.
  • The lens is protected by Broadband coating.
  • It provides for easy adjustment of elevation and wind.
  • It boasts a wide bright field of view.


  • The magnification is fixed and cannot be adjusted to suit different environments.



This scope has the best value for money. It is slightly longer than other crossbow scopes. Its lens is multi-coated, so that makes it tough enough to handle the elements. The scope is so easy to operate that even beginners will not have a hard time getting good at using it.

The lens has an impressive ninety-five percent light transmission that makes it suitable for a wide range of environments, from low light areas to brightly lit areas. Its light transmission allows it to let three hundred percent more of the light we can see with our eyes.

It gives a color-accurate picture, and the quality does not drop for even a bit during the harsh climate. The lens can resist fog clouding, rain, misty atmosphere, and dusty days. The lens has a scratch-resistant coating to reduce wear.

Switching between magnifications helps you not lose track of your target. By rotating the magnifying ring you can aim comfortably at targets far away. It is easy to use so anyone at any level of skill can use it without a hitch.

The scope's body is cased in durable material protecting the mechanisms interacting inside it. It ensures the instrument's longevity and serves to lessen the recoil, and protects you from injuries.


  • The lens allows a light transmission of 95%
  • It is easy to use and preferred for beginners.
  • It comes with a Picatinny mount of twenty millimeters.
  • It is resistant to scratches.
  • The lens has several layers of coatings for toughness.


  • The lens is unique and may require you to take a bit more time to familiarize yourself.


Vortex Crossfire II

If you enjoy hunting very early in the morning when the light is at a minimum, this is the scope for you. The lens is uniquely suited for use in low light environments. It has a V-Brite reticle and an oversized objective.

The combination of these attributes makes sure you never lose your target. You can then take cover and make your shot without compromising your vision. It comes with a comfortable eye box that goes a long way in reducing strain.

The scope is then easy on your eyes. Hence you will be able to lie in wait for longer. You will not have to worry about the strain and pressure your eyes always feel. The eye relief eases that and keeps your focus on the task.

The reset turret is capped and easily adjustable by your fingers, you will not lose the target from your sights when switching. You also do not have to scroll through to reset back to zero. It saves you time and energy.

The build of the Vortex is among the sturdiest designs available. It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum. It is shockproof and will last a lifetime before needing replacement. Its O ring is waterproof and fog proof because it is sealed off and all nitrogen sucked from it.


  • It is made with a V-Brite reticle.
  • It has an adjustable objective.
  • The eye box and eye relief reduce the strain on your eyes 
  • It is made with durable aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • It is waterproof.


  • Its size may seem too bulky.



This scope represents the best of British engineering. The lens is coated with eleven layers giving it the durability and functionality of the highest cadre. It is clear. A one-inch tube encloses the contents within the scope and keeps them safe from damage.

This crossbow scope is uniquely different from the others. It is the only one with a speed adjuster for matching the speed of the bow. This coordination leads to the most successful shots. The speed varies from 250 to 450 frames per second.

It can withstand harsh weather. It is insulated against heavy rain, mud and snow, and sleet during the winter. They can survive that and still have the best functionality when the climate conditions are more favorable.

It has an element of versatility because of its five brightness levels. You now do not need to carry several scopes because this will do the trick. It also has aiming points that eliminate the need for a viewfinder. They begin at twenty yards and terminate at one hundred yards.

This scope comes in handy when you are going into tough environments for your expeditions. It is made to be tough enough to handle anything and versatile enough to reduce your luggage. The quality does not drop even in the harshest of circumstances.


  • The optics are coated with eleven layers for durability and clarity.
  • It has a strong chassis for keeping it safe and durable.
  • It has a glass-etched reticle
  • Its brightness levels give it versatility.
  • It has a speed adjuster to match the speed of the bow.


  • It may be difficult to acquire parts when repairing because it is manufactured overseas.



This scope's affordable price may lead you to believe that what it has to offer is not the best quality but, that is not true. The scope provides the best function and at the best price for you.

It has a magnification of 3 to 9x, which helps a lot to zoom in on your target from a distance. It has up to five levels of brightness that allow you to distinguish the targets in the picture. It has a wide lens of forty millimeters that, aside from the field of view it provides, works under dim lighting conditions.

It has three and a quarter inches of eye relief to make it easier on your eyes. However, there is a wrinkle. The Pinty is great and affordable but not the best for competitive sport. You can use it in other activities.

The elevation and windage are adjustable. Together with the quarter-inch Minute of Angle, it guarantees you will get better shots each time. You need to remember the proper maintenance practices to ensure it serves you for longer.


  • It has a 40 mm wide lens for a larger field of sight.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It has eye relief that makes it significantly better to use.
  • It is effective in environments with bad lighting.


  • It is not advisable for competitions.


Trijicon TR23

It is a top of the line crossbow scope. It is made by a company whose terrific record in manufacturing the best rifle scopes is widely known. Their products are tried and tested in the harshest environments in the world.

The scope is durable and very effective. It has an illuminated reticle that comes in handy in low light scenarios. The lens is not affected by the emission of light from the reticle and gives clear targets in dim light environments.

If you need to stretch your crossbow to the limit, this premium crossbow is what you need. When paired with an excellent crossbow, this scope will allow you to take on any environment and improve your accuracy and overall technique.

The price may be too high for some but rest assured, the value of it is worth every penny spent. The eye relief is in plenty and no more straining your eyes. The body encasing it is made from rugged anodized aluminum that makes it weatherproof.


  • It is made of durable aluminum.
  • It is the best in low lit environments.
  • It is illuminated to bring a clear picture into focus.
  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • It is expensive.


Trijicon TR24

Trijicon makes some of the best scopes in the market. It is not a surprise that more than one makes it to this list of top crossbow scopes. This one is different because it has dual illumination for the clarity of your target.

It is difficult to find the failings of this scope. Its advantages far outweigh any drawbacks it may have. The scope can adapt with ease to your crossbow to provide you with the same experience as other world-class users.

It maintains a crystal clear picture at any magnification. The dials and controls are easy to master and allow you to utilize the scope and your crossbow to the maximum. The eyepiece can achieve precise focus because of the multi-focus setting.

It is easy to use and adjust to suit your needs. If you consider taking it somewhere where water is in abundance, you do not have to worry about any damage it may cause. It can survive any climate and give peak performance.

The lens is coated to filter out all reflections that may interfere. The outer shell is made of anodized aluminum guaranteeing no harm can come to the scope and the lens. It has three and a fifth-inch of eye relief, which is better than most scopes can offer.


  • It has a multi-coated lens to reduce glare and reflections.
  • It is made with toughened aluminum for durability.
  • It has been weatherproofed to make it safe for use even in terrible weather.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It has a provision for eye relief, thus reducing the pressure in your eyes during prolonged use.


  • The price is well above average.



This rifle is made by the Birmingham Small Arms Company, which has for over twenty years been making optics of really high quality. This specific one is designed for rifles but can easily fit your crossbow.

This scope gives an elite performance with all the bells and whistles put into it. It acquires a target very easily, and you can be able to view it in color. The reticle is illuminated with RBG to reconstruct the image of the target in color and distinguish it from its environment.

It is tough against the elements, and because of its aluminum material casing, there is a guarantee that it will last a long time. Its magnification is the highest on this list at 12x, which is more than you need for a crossbow.

It is both an outstanding rifle scope and an even excellent crossbow scope. The optics is clear, and the four inches of eye relief provided are what you need. It is the scope for you to finally level-up your game.


  • It has four inches of eye relief to minimize straining.
  • It is made with one of the most durable materials you can find.
    The magnification is outstanding.
  • The RGB illuminated reticle better clarifies the target.
  • It adapts perfectly to both a rifle and crossbow.


  • It is a bit expensive.



MA3TY has not made a lot of products, but the ones they have are superb. This scope is made specifically for crossbows. It is well within the price range of most users, and the specifications fit the bill perfectly.

For magnification, it ranges from 1.5 to 5x, which is enough and within range for a crossbow. It has an adjustable speed from 300 to 425 frames per second. It has a wide lens of thirty-two millimeters that gives a wide field of view.


  • It has a multi-coated lens.
  • It provides aiming points up to a hundred yards.
  • The speed is adjustable to match the crossbow speed.
  • It is affordable.
  • Its wide lens gives a corresponding wide field of vision.


  • It cannot be used in competitions.
  • It is not the best for bettering the level of your skill.



If you would wish to try your hand in crossbow activities, this is the scope for beginners. It is affordable and so easy to use. It has a fully coated lens and has excellent brightness. It has four inches of relief.

It has a special reticle to help you compensate for the trajectory and determine the range. It is useful for those starting. It is made from aircraft quality aluminum, thus making it long-lasting.


  • It is great for beginners.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is durable.


  • It is not of much use for those who have advanced far enough in their skill.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are not familiar with scopes, the terms may be a bit challenging. However, most parts are the same no matter the type of scope. So, once you get to know one of them you can begin to understand the others. Once you start using your crossbow, you can appreciate the scope.

For those already well versed in using crossbows and are looking to improve their skill, make sure to use this guide to pick out a more advanced scope than the one you are using currently. You will need to pay attention to a couple of attributes to reach your decision.

They are:


Magnification. Different lenses have different magnifying power. You need to pick the one that suits your needs.


Durability. Make sure the product you get can last for a long time with your continued usage.


Type of lens. Lenses are different. Some have layers that give them more functionality. Ensure you get the one that is an improvement from your current one.


Eye relief. You must be comfortable using these scopes. A scope with eye relief is preferable.


Price. You should always spend within your budget. Expensive products may not be what you need. What you require most is a scope that performs better and will improve your skill.

If you are satisfied, you may begin practicing with them. Something to note is that getting used to a different scope will take time before seeing substantial results. Take the time to try out the available adjustments until you find a set that works best for you.


The right crossbow scope may not be so plain to you until you understand a few things about your particular crossbows, the available scopes, and the limitations of both. Here in this guide, I have provided the information you need.

To help you in making your decision, this is my advice. Consider where you are in terms of skill, and then think about where you want to be. Know the limitations and advantages of your current gear, then pick one out of the ten scopes we have discussed here.

I would recommend you choose the UTG scope. It is made specifically for crossbows. It also has a wide field of view to help you spot, track, and target your prey. The lens is free of parallax so as not to deceive your eyes.

It is resistant to harsh weather and sudden impacts because of its aluminum body. It has a magnification of 4x that helps to target about a hundred yards easily. It is easy to calibrate and is available at a competitive price.

To begin your next level in crossbow archery, buy the UTG today.

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