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A specific group of people always loves shooting and hinting. If you are into these activities and searching for a scope that will improve your shooting experience, you are in the right place. Using a rifle is always challenging. A person needs to know many things, including some rules and regulations regarding maintaining the rifle. A gun is composed of different parts that are accumulated for proper functioning. Scopes are one of the essential functions of the weapon.

Prism scopes are one of the most prominent scopes that are currently flourished among the users. These scopes are relatively different than conventional scopes. For aiming, the regular scopes use a series of lenses. These are placed together to make the image highly visible for the shooters. But the prism scopes use glass prisms for enhancing the focusing option, and the aiming will be more efficient. The users of prism scopes are quite fond of these products due to their durability.

Our today's discussion is based on these prism scopes. We are going to discuss all the details of these scopes. For the betterment of our readers, we have shortlisted the five best prism scope. These scopes will be the best solution for your shooting. These prism scopes have ranges that are highly suitable for the users. And the magnification of these scopes is top-class. So without extending the introductory words, let us go through the product description.

The Top Five Best Prism Scope


Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope

The first prism scope that we want to discuss for our customers is the Vortex Spitfire. This scope is manufactured by one of the most influential scope manufacturing company Vortex. They never fail to amuse the customers. The design and technology incorporated in this scope are auspicious. The prism microscopes are needed for short-range shooting, and the prism glass installed in the scope makes their image more visible than standard scopes.

To bolster aiming, the company has introduced high-quality magnification for this scope. This can provide magnification up to 3x level, which is enough to make your shooting perfect. Now we want to talk about the reticle that is used in this product. The reticle of this product is etched directly on the prism. This is highly beneficial for the users because accuracy in aiming is enhanced. The focusing of this product is also admirable.

Sometimes focusing can be an issue for the people who are new to shooting. For this reason, the eye-piece included in this product comes with a fast focus system. So if you miss your focus for some reason, this system will help you adjust the system quickly. Next comes the mounting structure of this scope. This scope is equipped with a multi-mounting system.

This helps you to adjust the scope within different elevation levels. And you can easily alternate them between thirty millimeters and forty millimeters according to your preferred level. The rail of this product is manufactured in the Picatinny style, so mounting the scope will be relatively easy. A watery and foggy environment will never be a significant issue for the functioning of this scope.

The reticle included in this product can be illuminated between light and green colors. Moreover, you will be able to choose between five intensity levels of light from this illumination system. The construction of this product is shockproof, and the weather-resistant coating is also provided for better persistence.


  • This scope has five ways of illumination capability.
  • The product has an adjustable mount.
  • The material used for this product can withstand the adverse situation.
  • The eye-piece used in this scope is used for fast focusing.
  • The construction of this product is shockproof.


  • The weight of this product is slightly more massive than the conventional prism scopes.


Primary Arms SLx 2.5×32 Compact Prism Scope

The next scope from our list is another top-class product manufactured by Primary Arms Store. This scope will provide you with the best quality shooting experience. All the prism scopes come with a magnification system, which is restricted between 3x parameters. For the user's betterment, the company ash designed this scope to work between 2.5x magnification level. This makes an exception for the close-quarters optical system.

This advanced magnification quality of the product will be suitable for short-range shooting, and the range of this product is stable between three hundred yards. Moreover, this product comes with a BDC reticle. Those who are into the shooting are much familiar with such reticles. These reticles are advantageous due to the improved accuracy system. Besides, these reticles come with an illumination option that can be adjusted quickly. The brightness of this product can be tuned.

You will get eleven distinct settings for the brightness, and for keeping the scope always workable, you will also get a battery. This battery-operated reticle will help you in both low light and day time conditions. The scope features a Picatinny mount. This amount is very flexible. You can take this mount off any time, and you can also use it on other rifles. The reticle also has unique bullet drop compensation technology. This helps you to adjust the aim within a short time.


  • This product features a BDC reticle.
  • The reticle has eleven strings based illumination settings.
    This product features an advanced anodized matte finish.
  • The mounting system of this product is highly flexible.
  • The product can work correctly within three hundred yards range.


  • The eye-relief provided with this product is relatively short.


Primary Arms SLX Compact 3×32 Gen II Prism Scope

Our third scope from the list is another addition from Primary Arms Store, this prism scope is quite similar to the previous one, but some distinct differences will make you for this scope. This scope has improved magnification. The aforementioned scope's magnification quality was restricted between 2.5x, but this scope has increased the range up to 3x.

This is much helpful because the users will be able to zoom more into the image. Besides this, the scope is also equipped with a high-quality horseshoe reticle. This reticle will help you focus more compactly on the prey; besides hunting, these reticles are essential. Placing the target inside the horseshoe will provide a perfect shot.

The intersecting point provided on the reticle is quite accessible for shooting at hundreds of yards range. And there are also eleven different brightness settings for this product. This product's construction is accomplished using air-craft grade aluminum, and there is also an anodized matte finish. One of the unique features of this product is the lifetime warranty that is provided by the company.


  • This product comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The product is manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • This product does not have any weather issues.
  • This product comes with a shock-resistant coating.
  • This product comes with a brightly illuminated horseshoe reticle. 


  • The eye relief provided with this product is shallow.


Monstrum Tactical S330P Ultra-Compact 3x Prism Scope

The second last prism scope from our list is the Monstrum Tactical Prism Scope, this is highly suitable for short-range shooting, and the magnification quality of this product is restricted on the three-level zoom. The most popular feature of this product that amused the users is the dimension and weight. This product's size is only five inches, and the weight of this product is only fifteen ounces. These features make the product compact and adaptive to all conditions.

The focal lens provided with this product is adjustable. This allows you to shoot at long distances as well as short distances. The range of shooting for this product is relatively high compared to the other prism scopes from our list. This scope can provide clarity in shooting above five hundred yards. The mounting system of this scope is straightforward, and this does not require much body strength. You have to follow the instructions, and the operation of the scope will be easy.


  • This scope comes with an eye relief that is more than three inches.
  • The construction of this product is highly durable.
    The mounting of this scope on the rifle is effortless.
  • The reticle of this product can be observed from low heights.
    This product comes with a one-year official warranty. 


  • The recoil handling system of this product should be enhanced.


Burris 300178 AR Prism Sight

The last scope from our list is the Burris 300178. This is an exclusive scope manufactured by Burris. The previous scopes of our list had magnification quality that was limited between 3x levels. Still, Burris has come up with an advanced magnification system which provides the users 5x capability-based shooting. This makes the scope applicable for both long-range and short-range shooting. The reticle of this product can also be operated between red or green colors.

And you will get five different brightness adjustment with this product. So you can easily make your eyes adaptable to the environment by operating the scope. This scope has a red dot sight affixed to the top of the body. The users highly laud this feature, and the accuracy of the scope is enhanced manifold by this feature. The entire scope is manufactured with durable aluminum.


  • This scope has an external red dot installed in it.
  • The illumination quality of this product is very high.
  • This product comes with the Picatinny mounting system.
    The product is housed inside a durable aluminum construction.
  • This product has high magnification quality.


  • The battery capacity of this scope is relatively low.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Best Prism Scope

Prism scopes will always be beneficial for enhancing the accuracy, and the image quality obtained by these scopes are way more precise than orthodox scopes. But sometimes, the buyers get confused while buying the product. This is very usual because numerous similar products are currently reigning the market. And choosing among them can be critical. There are some specifications that you should check on the product before going for the final payment. The total quality and the persistency of the product is highly dependent on these issues.

For the prism scope, you must look for the magnification quality because this is essential for short-range shooting. Besides, it would help if you also got a fair idea about the construction of the product. Assessing these situations, our team has shortlisted some points. These key points are crucial for the buyers to know. These aspects will let you buy the best prism scope, and the whole expenditure will be worth it. Moreover, you will be able to judge the quality of the scope without professional expertise. These key aspects are described below with proper explanation. 


Mounting Options

One of the essential parts of a scope is the mounting option. But there might be some issues with the mount. Some of the companies do not mount with the product. In such cases, you have to buy the mount separately. So it would help if you went for the scopes that come with attached mounts. Now we want to discuss another aspect related to the mounts. This is the mounting option. This may also vary according to the manufacturers. For the betterment of our readers, we are suggesting the Picatinny mounting options. These are the best rails and will make the structure firm.



When you decide to buy a product, the first thing that pops into your mind is its durability. Durability means the product's longevity and the constituent materials' ability to withstand the pressure on the product. For prism scope, we highly recommend you to buy the scopes which are manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum. This is the most robust material. Besides, you should also check for the weather protective coating of the product. The product should also possess a shock-resistant layer for ensuring functionality.



What is the ideal weight for prism scopes?

As a concerned buyer, you must always know the weight that is suitable for the rifle. The weight of the prism is complimentary to the accuracy of the gun. When the prism's weight is too heavy, then the shooter will face a burden with the rifle, and it will manipulate the shooting. On the contrary, when the scope's weight is light, weather issues are easily affected. So it would help if you bought such a prism scope, which is medium in terms of weight. We want to suggest that they go for the scopes that weigh 15-20 ounces for our customers.


What is the benefit of the anodized matt finish of these scopes?

We have already learned that these scopes come with an anodized matte finish from the products' description. This finish has excellent value for money. Aluminum is used as the primary construction material for these scopes, and providing an anodized layer to this product will make it heat resistant. An anodized finish will also make the product chemically resistant, and there will be no corrosion of the metal. The melting point of the entire product will be enhanced, and the durability of the product will be increased. This is highly beneficial for users.


In conclusion, we hope that the prism copes we have exhibited here will benefit the best quality product. For the betterment of our readers, we highly recommend the Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope. This is one of the most recommended prism scopes that is used by the shooters. This product's magnification quality is very mature, and the illumination setting of this product will surely be helpful for you because this has a five-layer adjustable option. Moreover, this product's mounting system is relatively easy for amateurs, which is also very stable. Thus, our top five best prism scope lists will help you get the best scout rifle shooting experience. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!!

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