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If you love rifles, then you probably love their power too, their range and the quality that most come in. An AR-10 rifle is not easy to ignore; it packs impressive features in a well-sized piece with just the rounds most would go for. The AR rifles family guarantees performance, with the AR-10 providing high accuracy. 

What more you may or already love about this piece are its light-weight, affordability, easy customization, reliability and also versatility. But what makes a good rifle better is its shot precision. While a stock piece is great, a scoped AR-10 can perform exceptionally better.

Regardless of the distance, you will be shooting from, an AR-10 equipped with a quality scope can guarantee desired results. Distance, nevertheless, is a good consideration to make when looking for a scope to buy for your rifle. It could either be long-range, medium-range or short-range.

For each, a varying magnification level should suit you. A good piece should be easy to dial down to a lower magnification for close-range shooting and should also provide exceptional clarity and sufficient magnification for long-range shooting. But that is not half of what you should consider.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best available scopes for AR-10 rifles. It is good to know what is in the market and what the top brands are offering. The features, however, are not enough to make the best decision on AR-10 scopes. There are plenty of other things to think about.

Why don’t we first have a look at some of the best scopes you can get your AR-10? Our list is as follows:

Top  5  Scope for AR 10


Athlon Optics

The Athlon is a long-range scope that you can modify for a variety of uses. Depending on your preferences, it could serve you optimally; let’s have a look at how. First, is with its wide range of magnification and settings of 6x to 24x. Along with them, are a 50 mm objective lens, which gathers sufficient light, delivering crisp clarity.

What is more, is a wide field of view. This scope comes with a first focal plane reticle, which adjusts in size with magnification adjustments. The result is a great target acquisition for every magnification. You may, however, notice that it gets small at farther settings.

Do you intend to use your scope under low lighting conditions? This product’s illuminated reticle could serve you right. You will not only tackle a variety of lighting but can also use it through the night. It does not shake easily or shudder in heavy recoil, thanks to its position, etched on the glass.

For better light transmission, its lenses come multicoated. You may love the color contrast—sighting targets can feel comfortable, with a somewhat uniform colored background. The aircraft-grade aluminum material with which this product is made, ensures you use it for a long time.

Its reticle is also durably built and should take you through rough conditions in a variety of environments. This scope is also waterproof, making it ideal for use in harsh weather conditions.

Summarily, you may love the wide range of magnification that this product offers and its able 50 mm objective lens. It provides high clarity and a wide field of view. It also features a first focal plane reticle and thanks to its illumination, can serve you well under conditions with low lighting.

It has great stability and durability and even better light transmission from its multicoated lens. It comes in a durable aircraft-grade construction build and is water-proof, besides offering protection from harsh weather conditions.


  • Great magnification
  • High clarity
  • Wide field of view
  • First focal plane reticle
  • Illuminated
  • Solid construction


  • It does not hold its zero
  • Unreliable turret tracking


Vortex Optics Diamondback

You do need a load of features to get great performance and reliability from a scope. This option presents you with a simple product that can serve beginners optimally. It is also suitable for anyone on a low-budget or looking for a durable piece. What does it have to offer?

Due to its simple make, you should not expect unnecessary gadgets or additions to its setup. You will get great vision as you would expect of any good-quality scope and can rely on its performance. It may not serve you optimally for hunting or tactical shooting but does not disappoint.

It comes in an aircraft-grade construction, which means not only durability but also light-weight. You will be able to use your scope for long, with no trouble moving about. More to its durability is its resistance to hard recoils and protection from weather elements and varying environmental conditions.

Even better, is the protective lens this scope comes with, which prevents scratches and scrapes. A unique feature is its Dead-Hold BDC reticle—you may find it to be easy to use and to provide high accuracy.

You may find its pop-up dials and windage to be not only easy to use but also to have audible clicks that are precise and re-assuring. Besides its ease in installation, this scope provides a great magnification. Summarily, you may find this product most suitable for beginners or anyone on a low budget.

It offers great vision and a durable build. It is also light-weight, weather-resistant and comes with a protective lens, featuring a Dead-Hold BDC reticle. A notable setback is that after 50 yards, you may not find the parallax significant—you will have to do some adjusting every once in a while.


  • Great for the money
  • Durable construction
  • Light-weight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Protective lens
  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle


  • It does not hold its zero
  • Unsuitable for use in low lighting conditions


UTG 3-12×44

This option offers you a scope with speed and precision; will those work for you? There is more to the UTG. It features zero-resetting and has zero-locking target turrets, which can enhance your aiming. Thanks to its good settings retention, focusing on the target becomes easier.

You may love the 10-yard parallax range that you get with this scope’s SWAT, Side Wheel Adjustment Turret. If you like to hunt in the dark or find yourself in conditions with low lighting, then you may find its illumination enhancing (IE) reticle to be helpful.

You may have or will come across basic IE reticles, which come in red; this product features 36 colors, to suit a variety of preferences and surroundings. This is an advanced feature that will serve your targeting and shooting right.

You will find that the illumination, along with other features, adds on to this scope’s weight. With it, nevertheless, you are assured of durability. This scope is ideal for law enforcers and anyone who loves the outdoors. It guarantees performance through varied conditions and surroundings.

Summarily, you may love this scope’s speed and precision. It has zero-resetting and zero-locking target turrets. It also comes with a Side Wheel Adjustment Turret and an illumination enhancing (IE) reticle. It features a durable build and performs well through varied conditions. A notable setback is that it has a tight side focus knob, which can hinder smooth tuning. 


  • Side Wheel Adjustment Turret
  • Illumination enhancing reticle
  • Durable construction
  • High speed and precision


  • Its side focus knob is tight
  • It is heavy


Leupold Rifleman

You may have or will come to find the Leupold to provide reliable, high-quality scopes. This product offers a magnification that ranges from 4x to 12x. Along with this, is an objective lens, which is responsible for the great light transmission you get.

This scope’s duplex reticle is wide, offering simplicity and high elevation and windage adjustability. You may also love its ultra-lightweight design, which makes mounting easy. Thanks to its lightness, you may find it suitable for both hunting and tactical operations.

Besides being fog- and water-proof, you may find this scope suitable for use in a variety of environments and conditions. It can also withstand hard drops. This scope provides sufficient eye relief, ranging from 3.7 to 4.9 inches. For more durability and better light transmission, its lenses come coated.

You may have just found the scope for you if you like hunting early or late in the day. Its lens design makes it possible for the product to gather light early in the morning or late in the evening. This gives you an added 10 to 20 minutes with sufficient light.

Summarily, this scope features great magnification. Its objective lens allows for sufficient light transmission. It also comes with a wide duplex reticle and in an ultra-lightweight design. It is easy to mount and is fog- and water-proof. This scope can withstand hard drops and provides sufficient eye relief.


  • Great magnification
  • Wide duplex reticle
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Easy to mount
  • Fog- and water-proof
  • Durable construction
  • Sufficient eye relief


  • Watch out for packaging issues
  • Watch out for clarity issues at high magnification


Vortex Optics Viper

Another great consideration you can make is this option by Vortex Optics; what does it have to offer? First, is a magnification you may love, ranging from 4x to 16x. It comes with an objective lens of 40 mm and features a VMR-1 MOA reticle that retains its size through different magnification levels.

Its reticle makes quick adjustments possible for both far and close targets. Its agility suits the scope for tactical operations. You get high clarity from its multicoated lenses. You may find the lenses to be among the most durable that you can come across. Its Armortek coatings make the difference, keeping the lens safe from scratches and damage.

This product comes in an aircraft-grade aluminum build, with sealed o-ring and argon purging to enhance its durability. You should, therefore, be able to use it through harsh weather conditions and varying environmental elements.

What is more, is this product’s light-weight—it weighs about two pounds. It comes with amazing target style turrets, which make repeated finger adjustable clicks possible with no need for tools. Its zero-stop feature makes the scope highly adjustable; you can return to zero after temporary dials of elevation and windage adjustments.

You may find it suitable for long distances, following that it comes with tactile-feedback turrets. Summarily, this scope provides great magnification and a 40 mm objective lens. Its reticle allows for quick adjustments, and the multicoated lenses offer high clarity, besides durability. It is also light-weight in its aircraft-grade aluminium construction 


  • Suitable for long-range
  • Great magnification
  • Quick adjustments
  • High clarity
  • Solid construction
  • Light-weight


  • Inefficient parallax
  • Disappointing SFP for users looking for an FFP scope

Buying Guide

Looking for the best rifle can be a hectic job. The available brands are confusing in their numbers and features. An AR-10, however, stands out among many, for its power and reliability; its construction is something else that draws most users, besides versatility.

An AR-10 rifle without any attachments, however, may not shoot as far as a hunter, for instance, would desire. You will have to work with up to 200 yards for short-range shots, preferably lesser, and between 200 and 400 yards for medium range. The long-range goes beyond 400 yards.
With a scope, however, you will notice a huge change in the far and clear you can see. What is lovelier about it is that you mostly get to set your preferences on things like range. An AR-10 scope is an attachment that may transform your hunting or tactical experience.

How do you determine which scope will best suit your rifle? There are plenty of essential factors to consider. Magnification, however, is among the top things to look for in a scope. In a way, it is entangled with range, so you should also think about how far you will be shooting from or need to be.

Magnification and range are covered by functionality—what do you intend to use your rifle for? It can be hunting, tactical operations or even practice. Whatever it is, you will have varying preferences in terms of the magnification power and the distance from which you will be.

Without magnification, a short-range would serve you best for a function with fewer chances of missing the target. Medium ranges would suit you best if you have some skills and long ranges may require more patience and expertise.

With magnification, you can bring the farthest targets to a more comfortable level, from which you can hit—your chances of shot success go higher with better magnification. Different levels, however, will suit you differently, and because we have different needs, your preferences are likely unique.

Nevertheless, the following are some of the magnification levels that will serve you ideally for particular ranges:

Short-range. If you are shooting short-range, then you need not only high clarity but also better precision for accurate shots. It is easy to lose sight of your target should your magnification be too high at a short-range. A scope that you can dial down with ease, therefore, is ideal for this purpose.

Medium range. If you are shooting medium-range, then your clarity and precision need only get higher—your target will probably be farther, but since you can set preferred magnification, it will seem nearer. It is advisable, therefore, to work with magnification that sets your target at a manageable sight for accurate shots.

Long-range. If you are shooting long-range, then you will need the clearest yet most precise sights. Some scopes do not handle distance well and get blur at high magnification levels. You should be able to dial down to a level you need and go up with as much ease. Stability is also critical for long ranges.

A magnification of 1x to 4x should serve you well for short-range shooting. You may find 5x to 9x as ideal for medium-range, and when shooting long-range, then magnification of at least 9x and beyond can be what works best for you. Some can go to as high as 14x and even beyond.

Clarity comes up a lot when dealing with scopes. A clear glass should enable clear sights of your target, making targeting easy and shooting smooth. A good scope does not lose its clarity at high magnification and can provide the best at low magnification, without need for adjustments.

When night falls and finds in the middle of a hunt, you will require some light. The same would be the case for anyone in conditions with low lighting. An illuminated scope will provide the comfort of using your scope through low lighting or in the dark. Depending on the type and make of the reticle, you could get illumination for as long as the entire night, with as many color modes as would serve you right.

A good scope should be easy to mount and simple in make. While some people would go for sophisticated pieces with plenty of features on it, others prefer more uncomplicated scopes, with only what is necessary to get your desired shot.

Besides easy mounting, a simple design can also lessen a scope’s weight, which is another essential factor to consider. Light-weight designs are easy to move around with and will serve you through long distances, making it possible to set adjustments without a hassle.

When considering a scope’s features, therefore, you may want to think about how heavy it will be. Weight can hinder your performance and comfort, as well. But a light-weight piece should not compromise on quality. Is it possible to get a durable scope that will last? Yes, it is—go for it.

Aircraft-grade aluminum is what most products in our list feature. You will find the material to be strong enough to sustain hard falls, drops and even use through varying environmental and weather conditions. A good scope should also be resistant to elements that can affect its clarity. Therefore, go for a fog- and water-proof product. 

This is not all you can have in mind before shopping for the best scope for your AR-10 rifle. Other considerations will depend on your preferences and intended use. Eliminate what works for you from what does not, and from the products that you can trust, go for what would serve you better.


We have discussed some of the best scopes that you can get your AR-10 and what they have to offer. We have also looked into some of the features to look out for. How do you choose the best product from what is available? I would recommend the Athlon Optics scope.

It offers a wide range of magnification and has an able 50 mm objective lens. It provides high clarity and a wide field of view. It also features a first focal plane reticle and thanks to its illumination, can serve you well under conditions with low lighting. It has great stability and durability and even better light transmission. It is durable and waterproof.
Buy the Athlon Optics today!

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