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The AR-15 is perhaps one of the most popular rifles across the United States. It comes in a large variety of types. Arguably, its popularity has directly resulted in the emergence of a market for accessories like rifle scope mounts.

Riflescopes get attached at the top of these rifles with the help of a gadget. To select the best scope mount for your rifles, you will need to understand which ones fit and which ones are not compatible.

In this guide, I will explore some of the top seven mounts in the market in detail. We will look at their pros and cons and understand what makes each one of them the best for the job. Before we begin, it is necessary to state that in this list, we explore mounts that are exclusive to AR-15s.

The rifle mounts do not have a lot of features. Their function requires that they are sturdy and able to hold rifle scopes in place. This utility does not give much room for adding bells and whistles, which shifts how we rank and view these mounts.

These frames come in all shapes and sizes. They are compatible with a wide range of spotting scopes and AR-15s. You are sure that you will get what you are looking for here. However, you will need a little help, which I intend to provide.

Here are some of the best mounts available today.

Top 7 Best Scope Mounts for AR15



This scope is an extension of a similar predecessor, the Tactical Precision Mount. However, it varies from it mainly due to its lightweight nature. It is easy to carry and not bulky on the rifle.

It has a cantilever design that helps twofold. It pushes the scope forward a distance of about six millimeters, and it gives excellent eye relief to spare you the strain that comes with prolonged use. It will go a long way in making your target practice less arduous.

It can also fit rifle scope tubes of thirty millimeters on top of your gun. It attaches and detaches quickly from the rifle, saving you time and effort when preparing it for use. It is a quick detach system that is as simple as pushing a button.

It features reducing sleeves of one inch to fit one-inch scope tubes into the thirty-millimeter tube. It is machine-made to be durable and in use for a long time. It is made from aluminum and finished with a coat of T3 Mill Spec anodize.

Its centerline is at fifty-seven inches. It is incredibly lightweight for more comfortable use and for carrying. The Atibal has some great bonus points, but it does not lack some demerits. This scope is stable while in use, and you will not lose your zero settings at any moment.

All in all, it is the best scope mount on our list because it makes up for all its failings.


  • The quick detach system is operated by pushing or pulling a button. It makes it easy to use even while wearing gloves.
  • There is no need for adjustment because it comes already adjusted to fit Picatinny rails and Weaver too.
  • It is strong enough to withstand several rounds without ever getting loose.
  • It is made of materials of the best quality.
  • It is water-resistant and shockproof.
  • It has a lifetime warranty upon purchase to shelter your investment in the scope mount.


  • It is a bit challenging to set up for first time users.



This scope is widely known for how strong and long-lasting it is. It is pre-adjusted to fit both rail types on the AR 15. It is effortless to attach and takes considerably less time. You can then make it to practice early always.
With this mount, you have a clearing of two inches from your eye to the scope. This positioning protects your eye from the effects of recoil while giving you enough room to use a night vision gadget when you are in the dark.
The mount's positioning of the scope has a positive result. It allows for the use of scopes with long eye relief. It then essentially means the mount works with a wide variety of scopes. The mount is available in three sizes.
You can either purchase the one inch, thirty millimeters, or the thirty-four millimeters sizes. The one inch and the thirty millimeters are each equipped with quick detach. The thirty-four-millimeter model has twenty Minute of Angle built into the cantilever for longer range shots.
This scope combines the best price with the best performance.


  • It is versatile. You can use it with the Weaver or Picatinny rails.
  • It comes with a quick detach feature that simplifies the process of mounting and dismounting.
  • It has extra screws just in case it starts to slip.
  • The design is marvelous. It is light and streamlined.


  • The locks become loose after using it for a while.



This highly rated scope is very versatile. It can fit a more extensive array of scopes, which makes it even more popular with hunters. It can work with both kinds of rails often found in AR-15s. Perhaps one of the best features is the adjustable scope position.

You can adjust the scope forward to two inches or three inches, depending on how much eye relief you want. It improves your user experience because of the ample room for head placement it affords you.

The center of the riflescope tube is around forty millimeters starting at the base. It also affords you a choice for either using the thirty-millimeter or one-inch tube. It is light and made from aluminum for the perfect weight and strength balance. It has zero Minute of Angle elevation. 


  • It is made of aluminum that makes it both durable and light.
  • It does not get loose quickly and will retain the sight for long.
  • It is easy to mount.
  • It is versatile and works with several rifles and scopes.


  • It does not have a quick detach, which most users prefer.
  • Some users had difficulty with the one-inch tubes.



The base of this American made scope is sturdy enough for your scope. It has a dual lever on the front and back to lock it in place with no chance of getting loose. Consequently, you will be able to maintain your zero correctly.

The cantilever is designed with eye relief in mind. It has the most extended eye relief on this list. The system for locking it in place serves to make it tight as well as easy to dismount. It can fit a variety of rails, even the ones that are not specified.

It is of high quality and popular among people who use their rifles often. It is expensive, but its superb features give you value for money spent. It is highly rated because of its long-lasting nature and dependability.

It is machine-made to be tough. It has been fashioned from 6061 T6 aluminum and coated with scratch-proof anodized for durability. It has a unique quick detach automatic lock system that enables it to fit with most rifles. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  • It has a patented lock lever system that enables it to be compatible with most AR-15s.
  • You can adjust the lock to fit with Picatinny and Weaver rails.
  • The levers are easy to use.
  • It is adjustable with your finger or a screwdriver.


  • It is more expensive than most of the scopes in this guide.



This flat top mount has the lowest price in this category. It is perfect for those who are new to these activities. It is designed to work with one-inch tube scopes. It is explicitly mounted on twenty millimeter Picatinny rails. It is made from high-quality aluminum for durability.

Its bases are made into one unit that makes them sturdier and can withstand heavy recoil during shooting. The ring tops have Picatinny rails for flashlights or a compact red dot. It has a two-inch forward scope positioning for excellent eye relief.

This mount is most preferred when light shooting with low power rifles because it does not fit high power rifles well. It will take some time to adjust the alignment, but it performs well once it is done.


  • It fits on Picatinny rails.
    It is made from durable aluminum.
  • It has six bolts on each ring to allow you to hold your scope in place.
  • The cantilever sets the scope forward to give you enough eye relief.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is excellent for beginners.
  • It fits well when mounted.


  • It is not suitable for high power rifles.



It can fit one-inch scope tubes with up to sixty-one millimeters diameter. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that will last a lifetime. It is coated with a matte black anodized for a sleek look and to resist abrasions.

It has smooth edges to eliminate snagging and to give you easier access to the turrets on the scope. It is also lightweight but still durable. You can flip the frame to get more eye relief, especially for younger users.

It is made as one unit that allows the optical system to move flexibly. It has a thirty-four-millimeter offset distance and a saddle height of eighteen millimeters. Its base length is one hundred millimeters.

Because it is a single unit, there is no chance that one section can get loose because of the effects of recoil. It can also hold zero settings on the scope for several rounds. 


  • It uses Torx screws, and square integral recoil stops to counter the recoil effects on the scope.
  • The cantilever offsets thirty-four millimeters forward or backward for more eye relief.
  • You can flip it to get even more eye relief.
  • It is heavy-duty and can be used in more powerful rifles.
    It is affordable.
  • It is made of high-quality material.


  • It is shorter for some rifles.



It is a high-performance rifle scope mount suitable for competition or tactical combat. The manufacture has designed cantilever style scopes for a long time. It is made of skeletonized aluminum that is lightweight for easy use.

This scope is designed for optimal performance. It has eight Torx bolts and steel threaded inserts to counteract recoil on the rifle and hold the scope in place. It has an extended cantilever to make it easy to use.

It comes in three tube diameters; the thirty-millimeter tube, one-inch tube, and thirty-four-millimeter tube. It also has a twenty Minute of Angle version. It is both strong and light because of the skeletonized aluminum that makes up the mount's body.


  • It is available in a range of colors.
  • It comes with Torx screws to fasten the scope to the mount.
  • It is preferred by many because of its lightweight.


  • It does not have a quick detach mechanism.

More Information

There are a lot of scope mounts for rifles on the market. To help you select the best one for your AR-15 rifle, we have looked at our top seven mounts. However, there are general guidelines you need to follow in choosing the mount that is perfect for you.

The best scope mount is one that you can easily afford and fits perfectly on your rifle. You will need to pay attention to the kind of rails on your rifle and find a corresponding mount compatible with it.

These are some of the things you should be keen on during your research.



The build of the mount has to be compatible with an AR-15. Otherwise, you will end up buying unusable equipment. The scope must be made of robust and durable material to last for long and withstand impacts during use.

There are great mounts that have a coating that makes them resistant to scratches and abrasion. They ensure your gear looks clean and new always. Remember, the build of the scope directly influences the price.

If you can afford it, you can buy expensive models that have excellent features. If you cannot afford them, you can compromise on some of the features and seek alternatives that meet your needs.



There are one-piece scope mounts and Two-piece scope mounts. One-piece mounts have both rings already aligned and have a more extended forward adjustment for the scopes. Two-piece mounts are lighter and are easier to find than one-piece mounts.

Each type is excellent for different activities. Where one fails, the other doesn't. The choice is yours to make, and it depends on what you intend to use it for.



AR-15 mounts have a few bells and whistles that make their use more comfortable. The quick detach feature is most preferred. It makes the attaching and detaching of the mount a faster process.

You should take into account the type of rail the mount can fit. Most scope mounts are made to fit Picatinny rails than a flat top rail like Weaver rails. The length of the scope should also direct you to the type of mount you will need.


Scope mounts are relatively easy to mount and use. Most of them will last a long time before wearing down and needing replacement. It is essential to keep in mind your kind of AR-15 rifle before selecting a scope mount.

The kind of scope you have is also a factor for consideration. The right scope mount could give you ample eye relief. The wrong scope mount will worsen your experience with both the scope and the rifle.

There is a wide range of AR-15s out there, so make sure the mount fits on yours perfectly. Some mounts will take you a long time to adjust than others, so it is crucial to weigh in time as a factor. Tactical combat requires that your mount takes less time to configure.

The top of the list for consideration has to be the price. A cheap mount does not necessarily mean it is of low quality. There are affordable scopes that are great for beginners and other slightly more pricey scopes for professionals. Pick the one you can afford.

All in all, I recommend Atibal. It is the best scope on our list. It is durable and will last for very many rounds before replacement. It is compatible with AR-15s that have Picatinny and Weaver rails.

It is easy to mount and to lock in place thanks to its quick detach system. You can operate it with gloves on as efficiently as you would without gloves using a button. It is lightweight and easily portable and will not make the rifle too bulky.

Its cantilever can extend the scope position to over 6 millimeters to afford you enough eye relief to use the rifle for longer. It is made with a sturdy base to hold the scope in place. It does not require a lot of adjustment, so using it is pretty straightforward.
So, get yourself the Atibal today for the best experience.

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