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Have you ever wondered why so many people take to hunting? This is simply the consequence of having a sport that is both calming and adrenaline pumping at the same time. It is this paradox that makes hunting a really intriguing activity.

Being out in the hunting field results in this calming effect, giving you the ability to relax your body and mind. It is therefore an ideal sport to engage in whenever you are either bored or frustrated for one reason or another.

Every experienced hunter knows how fun mental it is to have the proper equipment for the task. If you fancy hunting with a rifle, then you should prioritize getting yourself the most ideal scope rings for your rifle.

It would be a mistake to ignore these because they are part of the so many aspects that determine whether you will successfully capture your target. They help you achieve maximum accuracy by holding your scope firmly in place, as is required.

The biggest challenge you will encounter during your search is the frustration that comes from struggling to choose from the vast pool of options before you. However, the brands I have shortlisted and discussed below will hopefully make it easier for you.

Top 10 Best Scope Rings


Weaver Modkins

It is an undisputed fact that Weaver produces high quality and reliable rings and other hunting gear. You can therefore trust that you will get adequate service and certainly not regret this purchase.

This product comes with interracial bases, giving you a very firm and reliable base system. The other perk of these interracial bases is that they make the rings very easy to install and uninstall.

It is very well designed, such that you can be certain that the scope will be well-secured and in place, ensuring that you make an accurate shot. The in-built tap strip is extremely useful since it prevents the rings from damaging your scope.

These rings are very easy to install, as they come with an installing system that comprises of only nuts and duty claw clamps. You can be sure that you will spend a very short time during installation.

They have a very suitable and effective height size, which makes them easy to fit on your scope and secure.


  • The rings are high-quality.
  • They are very easy to install.
  • They are effective.


  • Not suitable for large, recoiling rifles.


Nikon Cantilever

These rings are designed to be used alongside thirty-millimeter scope tubes. If you have a large, recoil rifle, it may be difficult to find the best rings for your scope. Nikon Cantilever, however, offers you rings that work very well with such rifles.

You can adjust the rings, and this adjustable nature helps you make sure that they are well secured. To complement their firm construction, they contain quad sets of screws that make them stronger and more reliable.

The base clamps contain Mil-Spec nuts that are highly efficient. They protect the scope and the rifle, by ensuring that there is no damage caused after shooting.

You are therefore safe, and need not worry about screw heads falling off as a result of the impact of the shot. Are you a hunter who fancies heavy-caliber rifles? Nikon Cantilever is specifically made for you.


  • Very effective for heavy-caliber rifles.
  • Have a strong and firm construction.


  • Not ideal for hunters who do not use large rifles.


Nikon Precision

This is another Nikon product on the list, and just like the previous one, it offers nothing short of awesomeness. The rings come in a one-piece unit, with a base system that is can be defined as standard level.

This unit is very effective and is completely devoted to guaranteeing the hunter's success. The more the screws on a unit, the less the chances of a successful hunt. Cognizant of this fact, this unit incorporates very few and only necessary screws.

This feature also helps when it comes to the unit's dependability. Having fewer screws is a big advantage since it reduces the chances of the whole system falling apart during difficult situations.

The rings have a dual-integral design, which increases the scope contact and makes your scope capable of handling a high amount of torque. 


  • Very efficient and reliable.
  • Capable of surviving difficult conditions.
  • Has a great amount and the rings are very strong.


  • It is expensive.
  • It does not always fit the scope.


Warne Quick

You can be sure that Warne Quick rings will certainly not disappoint you. They have a very efficient design and are aimed at providing the hunter with an easy time on the field.

They have a very high-end system that guarantees total efficacy. The rings have a lever system, which makes them very easy to install and detach whenever you deem necessary.

With their one-inch size, these rings are said to quite compatible with most deer hunting scopes. This is advantageous if you are fond of deer hunting every once in a while.

If you are in search of rings that will work with your deer hunting scopes, then these are for you.

They feature a system that is referred to as a ‘recoil control key' that, just like the name suggests, is responsible for making sure that there is minimal recoil after you make a shot.


  • Contain an effective system and design.
  • They are very firm and sturdy.


  • The recoil control key system does not work well with large recoiling rifles.


Warne Gen 2

This unit has a flat tophat contains a low Weaver-style rail that results in amazing mounting optics, which is very important. It has a very simple design and is therefore not so complicated for any user.

It comes with heavy-duty nuts that are strong and firm enough to ensure that the unit remains in place and does not falter. With all the fine quality features, the installation will be like a walk in the park.

The whole product is so user-friendly, a key element for any product. When considering the price, it is a very affordable option, hence you do not have to reach deep into your pockets to acquire this product.

There are also various colors to choose from, and this versatility is very pleasant and fascinating. It has been described by various users as a really practical and reasonable choice, that will serve you adequately.


  • It is affordable.
  • The rings are strong and sturdy.
  • Extremely user-friendly.
    It is versatile.


  • The torque is not so effective.


Burris Optics

This is a very flexible and effective mount that will completely transform your hunting game. It has a well put together base system that makes it easy for you to attach the rings.

At the top of the rings, there are secondary rail mounts that make it possible for you to attach other devices such as tools for night vision, spotlights among so many others. This is an extraordinary feature that you can hardly find with other brands.

The best thing about this brand is that you do not have to be a very experienced hunter to use it. Therefore, if you are new to rifle hunting or are not so experienced in that field, then Burris Optics is for you.

Besides convenience, this is a very affordable option for you. The mount is lightweight and easy to handle, and in general, this unit guarantees absolute accuracy. 


  • It is budget-friendly.
  • The rings make it possible for you to attach other devices.
  • It is very easy to use.


  • Not suitable for recoil rifles.


Vortex Optics

The manufacturer describes these rings as unmatched since they are uniquely designed to offer every user absolute satisfaction. The materials used for these rings are very diverse and top-notch, capable of safely securing your scope.

While the previous product is ideal for average hunters, this unit is well-designed for professional and experienced hunters. It has all the aspects that are needed to make your experience swift and effortless.

The rings are designed in pairs and are designed to offer the user absolute precision and accuracy. If you do not fall under the category of professional or experienced hunters, then you should not let this deter you from going for this unit.

This is because it is not only suited for only those in this category, but also any hunter who is seeking a high-quality and effective option. They are also made of aluminum, which is a renowned and reliable material.


  • Very swift and efficient.
  • Made of aluminum, hence they are strong and sturdy.
  • The rings are well-designed.


  • Non-experienced users may find it difficult to use.


Leupold Rings

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Unlike most brands of scope rings, Leupold Rings stand out as unique since they are not Weaver-designed. This, however, should not make you question or doubt their effectiveness in any way.

Instead of using the Weaver system, they encompass numerous receiver holes into which the things are mounted, using an effective dovetail twist system. This simply means that this unit employs friction which helps with mounting the rings.

A wooden dowel is then used to align the rings, for it is important to have them well-aligned and firmly in place. This is a very reliable system, although its novelty may scare off some users.

However, if you are in for an adventure and ready to explore something different, then do not hesitate to choose Leupold Rings. The dovetail twist system is very effective since it provides very firm mounts that aptly secure the rings.


  • They have a very new and effective system.
  • The dovetail twist system firmly secures the rings in their mounts.


  • The novelty of this system may scare off some hunters.


AccuShot Weaver

The best way to describe this unit is, budget. If you are shopping for scope rings and are working with a strict budget, then AccuShot is the way to go. The rings can be described as ‘budget rings'.

Apart from offering you maximum convenience with the price, these rings are also ideal to be used with either air gun systems, or any light recoiling firearms. Also, they are exceptionally built and very easy to use.

While they are not the fanciest and sophisticated choice for anyone, they are surely very competent and they get the job done. The manufacturer uses quad-screws to firmly secure the rings in place.

This prevents any collapse that is likely to occur after you make your shots. Furthermore, the head design is incredibly reasonable and easy to work with.


  • It is the cheapest option.
  • The rings are firmly and well-built.
  • Ideal for use alongside light recoiling firearms.


  • The rings are not high-quality.
  • They require a lot of work and patience.


Leupold Standard

This unit is made of two-piece rings, that you can firmly attach to your scope and head out for your hunting spree. It comes with its own base systems, and you, therefore, do not have to use Weaver base systems.

Leupold Standard is therefore an ideal choice if you are open to trying out different base systems from time to time. To further prove their efficiency, they contain a lock system that is meant to keep them firmly attached to the scope, as they are expected to be.

The most outstanding aspect of this unit is that is firmly built to deal with maximum recoil, which is not a feature that you come by every day. This makes it a good option if you often utilize large recoil rifles. 

They contain a wooden dowel that aligns the rings during installation, as well as further ensuring that they are well and firmly mounted.

Another aspect that speaks to versatility is that this two-piece ring unit is available in both right and left-hand actions, catering to right-handed, left-handed, and ambidextrous hunters. This is very thoughtful and amazing.


  • Available in both right-hand and left-hand options.
  • The rings come with their own base systems.
  • Comes with a wooden dowel.


  • The lock-system is difficult to operate.

Buying Guide

Making the right decision when it comes to choosing rings for your hunting scope is often very difficult. This is even harder if you are a beginner, or rather, new to the rifle-hunting sport.

You are required to do your extensive research and make yourself conversant with various complicated topics such as ballistics, and all this may make you feel very discouraged.

This gets worse when you realize that the aforementioned is only the beginning, and this hardship continues even when you are shopping because there are so many things to choose from.

It is at this point that it finally dawns on you that choosing the perfect ring set for your rifle is about so much more than just learning about ballistics and how to shoot.

In simpler terms, you need to equip yourself with so much more that will help you make a great choice when you finally get to the last stage; shopping.

How do you distinguish the various brands and find the one product that you are certain will satisfy your needs? Do you just listen to your heart and hope that you make the best choice?

Listening to your heart might be a way for you to about this, but I believe every consumer would like to be certain of the product on which they are spending their money on.

What happens when you listen to your heart but it turns out to be wrong? That will result in both wasted money and time. This is why instead of romanticizing this whole venture, the best thing to do is for you to follow the laid down guidelines.

These guidelines help educate you on the approach you should use during your search and following them to the latter guarantees nothing short of success. Success, in this case, means you finding the most suitable choice for you.

This, in turn, saves you the frustration as well as the unfortunate scenario of you wasting your money on something that is not good for you.

The guidelines help challenge you to open your mind to so much more. For instance, yes you do know that you are looking for scope rings, but how will you know the right ones to choose?

Asking yourself this question is the first step to you realizing that various aspects help consumers make these decisions, especially when it has to do with such a somewhat complicated topic.

These aspects help simplify the process, and shopping becomes a breeze since all you have to do is to look for a brand that satisfies all the aspects you are considering.


Do the rings fit?

Hunting is a very involving and demanding activity, and this is why you should try your best to ease your experience whenever you can. You simply do this by choosing hunting equipment that does not contribute to your hardship.

If the rings do not fit, then the obvious outcome is them slipping, causing confusion as well as increasing the probability of the whole system collapsing once you take a shot. This is surely any hunter’s worst nightmare, but luckily, one that you can avoid.

The advisable solution is for you to choose adjustable rings because this makes it very easy for you to secure them and ascertain that they are firmly in place.

You should also note that the question of whether your rings fit or not is largely dependent on the type of rifle you are using. Various rifles are more suited to oversize rings.

Therefore, do not be so bent on fitness that you forget to consider the kind of hunting rifle you are utilizing.


How is mounting?

From the word go, you have to ensure that the unit you choose contains features that result in a very firm and sturdy mounting. The first thing to look out for is the kind of screws and nuts that are used to secure the rings.

Quad-screws are an ideal choice since they are strong and dependable enough to hold your rings in place and prevent any possible disasters. You should also be on the lookout for the various systems that have been incorporated.

As a hunter, you want a unit with an effective system, such as the dovetail twisting system. This system utilizes friction to firmly mount the rings to various receiver holes, ensuring that they remain in place.

This certainty that the rings are well and firmly mounted is what every hunter needs since it helps you concentrate on the task at hand.

The probability of you going back home with your game is, therefore, higher since the last thing on your mind is you worrying about your equipment falling apart. Worry is the last thing any hunter needs when on the field, and therefore do not subject yourself to it.


The buying guide is instrumental in ensuring that every user ends up with the most satisfying product for them. This is why you should apply the above guidelines during your search, and you will definitely not regret it.

Every hunter deserves hunting gear that they can trust, and when it comes to these rings, Weaver Modkins well satisfies this definition. Every good hunter knows that there is so much more, besides hunting gear, that determines a successful hunt.

This includes aspects such as patience, concentration, among others, all of which are capable of being influenced by the hunting gear you choose.

If you make the mistake of choosing the wrong rings this will lead to you worrying about the said rings and trying to fix them, which in turn messes with your concentration and prevents you from being the best hunter you know you can be.

This is why we have Weaver Modkins, a product that protects you from all the gruesome outcomes that may result from you choosing any other ring unit that is not the best for you.

The manufacturers of this unit took their time to come up with a product that prioritizes the hunter’s best interests, providing you with all the accuracy, stability, efficiency that is paramount for every hunter.

Have you already purchased your Weaver Modkins? If not, what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself the best scope rings in the market!

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