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A scope on a shotgun is not a common sight. However, if you want to get accurate shots using your shotgun, a scope is just what you may need. Shotguns are not talked about often as rifles and handguns dominate the firearm discourse.

Currently, some shooters exclusively use shotguns. Some of them are quite good without the need for a scope, but that took them years of practice to master. Using a scope will vastly improve your shooting experience.

You will have improved accuracy and are guaranteed to hit most of your targets. If you should own a firearm, let it be a shotgun. It is useful for home defense, and you can enter into competitions to measure yourself against other competitors.

You can also go out hunting and bring your gun with you. Because of the wide range of uses and applications your shotgun has, there are tools and accessories available to make their service even more comfortable and easy. The scope is one of the extras.

Usually, shotguns do not come with riflescopes attached, so you will have to buy them separately. Most shotgun users do not worry about their accuracy, so the whole world of shotgun scopes is new.

Here I will look at some of the best shotgun scopes to help you bring your marksmanship up to standard. We will look at eight of the best scopes for shotguns and weigh their merits against their demerits.

Top 8 Best Shotgun Scope


Bushnell TRS-25

This red dot sight is compact and the best one for your shotgun. It leaves your vision unimpeded, which comes in handy when you have to take multiple shots consecutively. It shines a bright red dot on your target.

It is unique for the way it maintains your situational awareness while significantly improving your accuracy. It is shock-resistant to withstand the shotgun's powerful recoil. It comes in handy when you have to fire heavy rounds like the twelve-gauge rounds.

You can install it anywhere on your rifle as long as you have weaver rails on it. This feature gives you practically unlimited eye relief while eliminating parallax. It is very affordable at the market value of about sixty dollars.

It is applicable for whatever activity you carry out with your shotgun. This compact red dot is the perfect example of high-quality performance at an affordable price. It is recommended for every shotgun user who is looking to improve his shot accuracy.


  • It is not expensive.
  • It maintains your peripheral vision.
  • It is useful when shooting heavy rounds.
  • It is tough enough to withstand the recoil effect without getting loose.
  • It is versatile.
  • It can be set anywhere on the shogun to give ample eye relief.


  • It only works with weaver rails.


TRUGLO Riflescope

This scope blends value with a performance for shotgun hunters. It is widely popular with hunters regardless of what prey they hunt. You can zoom up to a magnification of 4x, which gives you enough room between you and your target without spooking them.

The scope has a duplex reticle and is adjustable with a circle quite easily. It has a thirty-millimetre tube that allows a lot of light to collect and extend your shooting duration. The lenses are coated to give contrast and clarity to the image.

This scope is favored for a hunter. You can confidently use it in firing buck shots, slugs, and sabots. It is durable and will not come off because of recoil. It is waterproof and shockproof to resist impact and the elements out on the hunting ground.


  • The scope is the best for hunting.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is shock-resistant and resists shotgun recoil.
  • You can zoom in on your target up to 4x.
  • The reticle is easy to adjust with a circle.
  • It has a coated lens that gives clear images and good contrast from the target's background.
  • It is affordable, just under one hundred dollars.


  • It is not the best for shotgun competitions.



This scope comes accompanied by a mount designed for a Remington 870. It is paired this way because the Remington 870 is among the popular shotguns available. Most shotguns need some modifications to attach an optics mount.

Its most popular use is in deer hunting. It has a fixed magnification of 4x that gives it enough zoom for spotting medium-sized targets for up to seventy-five yards. It is firm and can withstand several rounds of gunfire.

It is shockproof and can resist recoil even when firing heavy twelve-gauge rounds. The lens is fog proof and coated to reduce glare and improve your performance. Without the hindrance of unwanted sun rays and getting the exact images from the lens, you can shoot longer.

It comes with a mount which gives you two pieces of equipment for an affordable price, thereby saving you some money. The only drawback is that it does not have enough eye relief. You need to make some adjustments to the mount to remedy this.


  • It comes with a free mount that saves you the trouble of buying it separately.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is shockproof.
  • The lens is coated to reduce glare.
  • It is perfect for medium-sized prey hunt over long distances.
  • It can withstand recoil even under heavy fire.


  • It lacks ample eye relief.


Nikon Prostaff

This scope is one of the best for hunting deer and other large animals. It has an impressive magnification power of up to 9x. At this magnification, you can comfortably spot prey so far away. This amount of zooming power is uncommon in shotgun scopes.
Nikon has a unique reticle designed to handle twelve-gauge shooting. It has bullet drop compensation to two hundred yards. Even if at that range you are unlikely to hit your target, this feature is awe-inspiring.

Nikon has a long-standing reputation for making some of the best firearm scopes in the market. The quality that you will find in this scope lives up to the Nikon standard. It is fog proof and moisture resistant to withstand whatever weather in the hunting grounds.
It is also shock-resistant to survive impacts and recoil. The lens is coated to improve the clarity of the images and their overall quality. It has generous eye relief to comfort and improve your shooting efficiency and accuracy when making long-range shots.


  • It has excellent eye relief.
    It has an incredible magnification power of up to 9x.
  • The reticle is uniquely made for twelve-gauge shotguns.
  • The lens is coated to increase image quality.
  • It is shock-resistant to withstand the impacts.
  • It is fog proof and waterproof to resist damp weather.


  • It is a bit expensive.



This scope is the best sight for home defence. It allows you to acquire your target quickly and, at the same time, maintaining your full peripheral vision. Because of this feature, the Holosun is excellent for competitions.

It can last up to fifty thousand hours on a single battery. You can use it for a couple of years, even if you occasionally use your shotgun before you need new batteries. The battery is rechargeable with solar, meaning you will not lose any battery power if you only shot during the daytime.

The reflex sight uses one Minute of Angle dot with a sixty-five MOA ring. This feature vastly increases precision and simplifies target acquisition on moving targets and close-range targets. It is also compact and lightweight.


  • It is preferable for competitions and home defence.
  • It has a solar panel that can recharge the battery.
  • It has a long-lasting battery.
  • It does not impede your situational awareness.
  • The sight uses a one MOA dot.


  • It is expensive.


TRUGLO Gobbler

It is efficient when hunting turkeys. You can choose between a matte black colour and a camouflage pattern. The reticle has a three MOA dot useful in hunting turkeys at thirty yards. You can also switch between a red and green dot depending on the surrounding conditions.

The front has a shade to reduce shine and glare when shooting during the day. The shade can be flipped up if you would like. It is comprehensive because of its thirty-millimeter tube that collects a lot of light for a broad visual field.

The main body is made with CNC aluminum for durability, which can withstand harsh weather conditions and recoil. It is fashioned into one piece, which is excellent for maintaining its integrity.


  • It is excellent for hunting turkeys.
  • It is made from durable aluminum.
  • It is waterproof and fog proof.
  • It is shockproof and can withstand heavy recoil.
  • It has a shade to shield you from unwanted rays.
  • It has a wide field of vision.


  • It is not efficient for hunting larger animals from far away.



This scope is the best budget scope. If you need to watch your budget, this scope gives you impressive performance at a price affordable. You do not need to break the bank to get the kind of quality offered by Sightmark.

It has a magnification power of 7x, which is higher than most shotgun scopes. The reticle has a bullet compensation feature to help you get more accurate when firing. It also has a one-inch tube that gives a wide field of view.

You can use it early in the morning or in the evenings when the light is low. The main tube can collect a lot of light to ensure the image of your target is clear. The less may not be comparable to high-end scopes, but the performance is satisfying to most users.
It is priced below a hundred dollars, which is within budget for many people. It is handy for shooting targets closer than a hundred yards.


  • It has a high magnification of up to 7x.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has a wide tube that collects enough light to use in low light environments.
  • It has a wide field of sight.
  • It has bullet compensation for improved accuracy.


  • It is not great for shooting targets that are far.
  • The lens is not of the highest quality.


Primary Arms

Primary Arms has arguably the best-designed reticle. It boasts of its ACSS reticle that is designed for both accuracy and ease of usage. It is one of the premium scopes available in the market.

This scope is widespread among elite shotgun users. The professionals have many good things to say about the quality of this scope. If you are looking to get to the elite level, you need to get yourself this scope.

It has a 1x prism that gives you unlimited eye relief and a field of view free of parallax. It is has been designed to resist substantial impacts and to protect the optics. It comes with both a red dot and a reticle for even more accuracy.

In addition to its top of the line features, the scope is versatile and can be used in home defense, hunting, or shooting competitions. It can also be fitted to any shotgun. This scope has the best prism scope for your shotgun.


  • It has one of the best reticles in the market.
  • It has both a reticle and a red dot for high accuracy.
  • It is popular with professionals.
  • It is versatile and can be used for more than one activity.
  • It has practically unlimited eye relief.
  • It is strong and can resist substantial impacts.
  • It is compatible with any shotgun.


  • It is expensive.

More Information


Reason to add an optic to your shotgun.

What is the need to add a scope to your shotgun when accuracy is not a top priority when firing shotguns? Well, it does not hurt to hit your targets precisely once in a while. Also, a scope is vital in spotting targets far away.

With a scope, you can scout your targets from a distance without scaring them off. This practice will significantly increase your hunting success. Taking your shot from a heavy cover also serves to protect you from dangerous targets.

All in all, a scope vastly improves how you shoot and how you spot targets. Your marksmanship will also get better with time when using scopes that have bullet drop compensation. The optics can be attached to the ribbed rail on top of the gun.

You will not lose functionality by adding either a red dot scope or a reticle scope to your shotgun. With enough eye relief offered by many scopes, you can operate them comfortably. The red dot scope also does not hinder your peripheral view, which improves your accuracy.

Some people who participate in competitions that disallow the use of scopes are quite good. However, scopes can still provide them with better speed and accuracy. They are even available at affordable prices.


Hunting and Defense

The most popular firearm for hunting has to be a shotgun. It has a good spread that requires minimal accuracy when shooting. That makes shotguns attractive gear to both those starting and the seasoned hunters that find them useful.

They are effective over short distances, so it is ideal for getting as close as possible to the prey before firing for a kill shot. The range is usually less than seventy-five yards. Compared to most hunting rifles, shotguns have higher recoil.

It is crucial then to pick out scopes that can be fastened tightly to resist the impact. You are advised to ensure you have ample eye relief to protect your eyes from the recoil and make using it less strenuous.

High magnification does not apply to shotguns. Let us see the different kinds of hunting as they apply to the use of a shotgun.

Deer Hunt

A deer is a large animal, and you will need a firearm capable of making an ethical shot. You can either use a smooth bore or a rifled barrel shotgun. A rifled barrel will have a rear sight aperture that makes it easier to aim.

The smoothbore shotgun only has one bead, and that does not help much in being accurate. Scopes can help. A magnification of about 4x allows you to make shots of about seventy-five yards with different rounds.

Red dots help you acquire targets faster. Sometimes it is not possible to take your time scoping your target due to the high number of hunters in the area who make animals skittish. Optics reduce the time needed to get a lock on the marks and fire.

Bird Hunt

Turkey and duck are the typical targets for hunters. Flying birds can take to the air very fast, and the hunter can miss their chance. Other times they may be a bit too far to get a kill shot. Optics helps you shoot quickly and accurately.

Hunting birds require you to be carefully hidden. You can use camouflage or heavy cover. Some scopes come in various colors, and you should pick the ones that blend naturally with your cover.

Varmint Hunt

These can be challenging. These animals have heightened senses that warn them of impending danger. Since close shots are out of the question, a scope will enable you to make a shot from a long distance and hit your mark.

You can increase your chances by using a low powered rifle scope and a red dot to acquire a mark. Because of how fast they react to threats, you will need to be fast. The red dot lets you get your target's position, and the reticle scope helps you gauge the distance.

A scope with both the reticle and dot will come in handy when hunting these animals.


Most competitions do not allow the use of scopes for shotguns. In three-gun competitions, the red dot is permitted, and it dramatically improves efficiency. They help increase your speed and clear more targets.

Home Defense

Any shot taken inside your home has to be accounted for. Shooting at a target at close range does not give the shotgun time to spread, so you still need to be accurate. Electronic sights help in targeting even in low light conditions.

If you get attacked by many people, the compact dot lets you switch between targets fast and efficiently deliver precise shots. You will be able to defend yourself against any number of assailants.


The applications of shotguns are practically endless. There are tools to make their use more manageable and make the shotgun an effective firearm. There are the best scope and red dot for every activity you undertake with your shotgun.

The red dot and scope have the same function. They ensure you can make more accurate shots by enabling you to acquire targets faster get a clear image of them. The significant difference between them is that the red dot allows you to maintain peripheral vision.

Before choosing the kind of scope you want to buy, you should be aware of a shotgun's significant limitations. Shotguns are useful in close range, so there is no need to buy a high magnification power scope.

If you are a hunter, you need a scope that will help hunting what you usually hunt. It can be specific to the type of animals you pursue or an exceptional scope across the board. Some scopes are great for hunting birds and others for hunting big game.

I recommend that you get the Bushnell TRS-25. It is the best shotgun red dot on our list. It is affordable, and you get high-quality performance. It leaves you unimpeded when shooting, enabling you to take more shots at multiple assailants.

Its body is designed to withstand heavy impacts both from recoil and accidental falls. It is water-resistant and fog proof, allowing you to take it for a spin even in damp weather. The red dot is adjustable to any position on the shotgun.

As a result, you get excellent eye relief and remain free of parallax. It can be used for any application of the shotgun. So get yourself the Bushnell today.

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