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Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II First Focal Plane Riflescopes

Burris Xtreme Tactical XTR II 8-40x50mm Precision Rifle

Nightforce Optics 5.5-22×56 NXS Riflescope

The people interested in shooting tend to use varieties of rifles, but for better accuracy and long-range shooting in stealth, snipers are useful. It is better to use the best rifle for hunting, and for this reason, all the accessories related to the sniper are also essential for the hunter. The people who use the scope regularly always want the bets scope; this is important because for having an accurate vision and aiming at the prey, a good quality scope is required.

Besides, the user must understand all the related topics about using the scope. Observing these situations, our team has shortlisted the five best sniper scope; these scopes are highly efficient, and the compatibility of these scopes to the sniper rifle is very high. We will provide all the necessary information that you will need to buy this accessory for your sniper rifle.
For making the selection process easy, we will provide some features that will allow you to judge the product's quality. And the aiming accuracy will be highly boosted by these use of these scopes with the rifle. The description of these scopes is explained below.

The Top Five Best Sniper Scope


Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II First Focal Plane Riflescopes

The first product that we want to describe is a high-quality scope which is manufactured by Vortex. This product has a great value among the marksman community, and for a long time, this company has been manufacturing the best form of scopes. The accuracy level of these scopes is very high. The main feature of this product on which we want to give our prime importance is magnifying the scope.

The company has provided top class magnification feature for this product, and the scope offers magnification settings between 4.5X to 27X. This magnification feature of the scope is suitable for close quarters and long-range sniping purposes. Now comes the reticle of the product, the reticle in this scope features on the first focal plane. This reticle helps to keep the holdover point firm.

There will be no change in the aim, no matter how much you zoom in or out using the scope. Specifically, the EBR-2CA reticle has been used in the product, and there are eleven different illumination intensities in this reticle, which ensures accurate aiming. There is also an advanced turret system incorporated in this product. This L-TEC turret system has an advanced locking mechanism that helps to adjust the elevation and wind-related issues.

If there are any accidental elevation-related problems during shooting, you can easily manage the problem instantly using this turret system. Sometimes keeping track of the rotations becomes difficult for the shooters; for this reason, the company has included an optical rotation indicator that keeps track of revolutions. The zoom capability that is included in this product offers versatile magnification advantages to the user. There are two basic categories in which the zoom distinctly works.

There is a fast-focus eyepiece that helps to adjust the reticle for appropriate aiming. For having a streamlined performance, there are side parallax and illumination control knobs included by the company. Another technology that has been included in this product is the APO optical system. This system is highly efficient for maintaining clear picture quality. There is an extra-low dispersion glass installed in the scope. This provides a premium picture quality to the users, which is highly beneficial.


  • This scope comes with multi-coated lenses, which help in precise imaging.
  • This product is APO technology, which provides premium quality images.
  • The L-TEC turret system strengthens the aiming of the scope.
  • This scope is built with durable material to survive adverse weather conditions.
  • This product provides high magnification for the users.


  • The turrets included in this scope does not click properly.


Burris Xtreme Tactical XTR II 8-40x50mm Precision Rifle Scope

The second scope from our list is a top-class sniper accessory, which is manufactured by Burris. This sniper scope has an innovative design. The design of this scope is accomplished precisely for long-range shooting. Besides, you can also use this cope for tactical shooting projects. The technical inclusions of this product provide high precision for long-range shootings. Now comes the reticle of this product.

The company uses a conventional reticle for this product, and the optic resolution of this reticle is very high. There are adjustment knobs provided with the scope. These knobs can be easily adjusted to get the best visual on the prey; besides, the windage and elevation can also be corrected with these adjustment knobs. The magnification provided with this product offers a versatile approach for the users.

There is a 5X zoom available with this product, which allows the users to get a comprehensive view of the close-range shots, and for the broad range, there will be enhanced target acquisition. The ergonomics of this scope is also affordable. The company includes a parallax error adjustment system starting from fifty yards to infinity. There is also a zero-click adjustment system; this helps the users quickly revert to the original settings.

And the best part of this system is you will not need any counting clicks for regaining the original settings. The optical glass that has been installed in this product has high-grade visual clearance. This optical glass is durable, and you can easily manage glass by adjusting the knobs. There will be no shock or vibration felt by the user while using this scope, and the recoil force will not impact the scope. Thus the aim will not be hampered. This is highly beneficial for users.


  • This product uses high-quality adjustable reticles.
  • The product can provide apparent magnification with a 5X zoom system.
  • The product can resist shock and vibration easily.
  • The product is highly durable against inclement weather conditions.
  • The product has high-grade glass for aiming and proper vision.


  • The company should reduce the size of the turrets; they are a bit bulky.


Nightforce Optics 5.5-22×56 NXS Riflescope

The next scope in our list is the Nightforce Optics Riflescope. This is a premium quality riflescope that is manufactured for long-range shooting. The people who are interested in taking down the targets with ling range shots, this scope will be highly efficient. Magnification is always the prime issue for proper aiming in long-range shots, and for this reason, this company provides a magnification range between 5.5X and 22X.

This will help the person aim correctly, and the best visual experience will be available through the scope. The scope is used for both close and long-range. This makes the scope versatile, and cleaning this scope is also relatively easy. You can use regular clothes or fiber-related clothes for cleaning the scope. Most of the time, a cleaning cloth is provided by the company to better the users.

This scope is manufactured with several zero stop turrets; these turrets are highly efficient for eliminating the parallax error in a wide range of shots. You can also adjust these errors according to the distance between the prey and the sniper gun. The body of this scope is manufactured using high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. The use of aluminum makes the product highly durable.

And there is waterproof sealing on the outer surface of the scope. This makes the scope perform properly against weather aggressions. The color of the scope is made matte black with a purpose to provide a stealth look. This will make your shooting experience adventurous. The glares produced by the sun will be minimized in this scope, and you will get a good look at the target. In low light conditions, the reticle used in this scope will illuminate brightly; this will enhance the shooter's accuracy.


  • This scope has a reticle that illuminates in low light conditions.
  • The product uses high-quality
  • aluminum for better durability.
  • The product has a matte black finish for a stealth look.
  • There are turrets in the product which can fix parallax errors quickly.
  • The product is sealed with waterproof and fog proof coating.


  • The product sometimes fails to perform in board daylight.


Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

The second last scope that we want to discuss is the Vortex SFP Riflescopes. These are the latest addition to the list of scopes manufactured by the same company. This most exciting feature that is associated with this product is the SFP system. This is the second focal plane lens, the users highly appreciate this lens, and this lens helps the user get a proper aim at long-distance targeting.

So the people who are interested in both long-distance and short-distance snipping can go for this scope. This will be highly beneficial for the shooters who require ultra-magnification. This scope is equipped with a reticle that can magnify between 6X and 24X zoom. The users laud this, which is helpful for both low light and broad daylight shooting experience. The reticle also has a fast-focus eyepiece.

This is absolutely the best part of the scope because it allows you to adjust the reticle to the users' eyes and restores the comfort for shooting quickly. The materials used to manufacture this product is highly sturdy, and there are waterproof and shockproof features included with this product. There are target style turrets included in this scope. These turrets offer precise finger adjustment clicks, and these clicks are also repeatable.

You can also set the turrets into zero after you have locked the target correctly. Now comes the lens that is used in the scope. These lenses are powerful, and there is an XR coating provided for the protection of the lens. This technology improves the light gathering capability of the lens. There is also an Armortek coating provided on the lens; this reduces the possibility of scratching on the lens. Thus the lens can endure an enormous amount of hassle and still give a satisfactory performance.


  • The product comes with quickly adjustable reticles.
  • This scope has an Armortek coating to reduce scratches.
  • The scope comes with a second focal plane lens.
  • This scope is suitable for both short and long-range shooting in all lighting conditions.
  • The eyepiece included in the reticle allows fast focusing.


  • The eye relief included with this scope can be narrow for zoom settings.


Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20×50 Riflescope

Our list's final scope is the Trijicon Riflescope; this is one of the most improvised scopes that the snipers use. And this scope has a high magnification quality; it offers 5X to 20X zoom capability for the user. This will also help the shooters get the perfect image for attacking. There is also a second focal plane-based reticle in this product. This helps to shoot at low light conditions properly. There is a supreme quality lens attached to the scope.

This lens is provided with multicasting that allows protection against inclement situations. The lens is equipped with distortion reducing components and the light transmission increment technology. The material used for the manufacture of this product is aircraft-grade aluminum; this helps maintain the gun's balance in any weather conditions. The reticle used in this product can be illuminated without an external power source or batteries.


  • This product is an automated illumination-based reticle.
  • This scope is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • The lens of this scope is multicoated for reducing distortion.
  • The lens of this product can maintain high light transmission.
  • The product has a parallax error adjustment turret.


  • The turrets installed in this product do not lock.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Best Sniper Scope

Sniping is always a challenging task, and the people who are associated with this task should need the best quality scope for their rifles. But buying these scopes might create a dilemma in the minds of the buyers. This generally happens due to the abidance of these rifle scopes in the market. So to obtain the best quality product, you need to assess the features of these scopes. For our readers' betterment, we have shortlisted some of these aspects, which will be highly beneficial for the buyers, and the correct product can be obtained. Some of these products are explained below.


The most crucial aspect associated with the quality of a rifle scope is the manufacturing process's materials. We know that the hunters and shooters use these scopes, and they go for tasks in jungles and other areas. In such scenarios, it is evident that there will be inclement weather situations. To survive in such an atmosphere and make the best use of the scope, the production materials should be sturdy. We highly recommend the aluminum-based scopes for our readers; these are very sturdy and will provide full support to the hunters.

Lens Coatings

Some scopes have multi-coatings on their lenses. This is one of the most effective ways to judge the quality of the product. The scope is attached to the gun for obtaining a clear visual of distances. And the lens which has multi-coating is much adept in providing such advantages to the users. The image will be processed transparent, and you will get the best accuracy for using the gun. There is less possibility of the hunter missing the prey when he uses a rifle with an advanced lens coating-based scope. So you should assess this aspect before buying the product.



Is the FFP lens better than the SFP lens?

The scopes used in the sniper rifle often come with a two-lens option. These are the first focal plane lens and the second focal plane lens. This lens's features differ on the focusing and the light aperture available on the shooting spot. Both lenses will provide the exact aiming at near targets, and you will not notice the difference. But for long-distance shooting, we highly prefer the SFP lens. This will help you get a proper visual on the prey, and in low lighting situations like dusk or night, the SFP lens will be more beneficial than the FFP lens.


What is company policy for these scopes?

Renowned manufacturers prepare all the scopes we have mentioned here. So you will not have to worry about the warranty for these products. All the companies provide warranty and service opportunities to their buyers. But for the betterment of our readers, we would like to discuss this policy brief. The companies will provide at least two years of warranty with each of the sniper scopes, and there will always be battery and clothes provided by the company. There might be some exceptions in cleaning the product, but the warranty tenure will be the same.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we are highly optimistic that the list of scope we have stated here will help you make the correct decision for your snipping. For a better shooting experience for our users, we suggest the Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II First Focal Plane Riflescopes. This scope has an advanced magnification feature, which will hold up to 27X zoom; besides, this product's turret system will easily allow the user to adjust all the elevations and wind-related issues. You will also get APO technology for premium quality imaging, and the cost of the scope is also affordable. Thus, our top five best sniper scope list will be best for having a perfect shooting experience. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!!

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