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Trijicon Teo REAP-IR Mini

ATN ThOR HD 640 Smart

Pulsar Thermion XP50

All of us are living in the Golden Era of Technology and advancement, you must be aware o the fact that hunting and shooting industries have really taken a lot of benefits when it comes to advancements in their technology. Nowadays the shooters are able to hunt during night with the night vision optics which are like computers specialized in the aspect of shooting. It also gives you the option to mount the optic on the rifle. However, it is not very easy to decide on the best thermal scope to mount on the rifle, especially for the people who are not very familiar with the technology in this field.

Best Thermal Scope Available in the Market

Listed below is a full compilation of the best Thermal rifle scopes which you might need for your shooting requirement. It might be difficult for you to understand what kind of a scope you might require when you are in a tactical situation or if you are hunting for a hog out during night or just sake for your hobby. This guide will help you decide which Thermal Rifle Scope will be best suited for you. Listed are the Thermal Rifle Scopes you will know about in the below sections.

Top 5 Best Thermal Rifle Scope


Trijicon Teo REAP-IR Mini

The world’s best shooters trust the Trijicon Teo REAP-IR Mini for the needs of thermal imaging. The scope is very light weight and is perfect for those who have been very familiar with the AN/PAS -13 thermal weapon which is used by the U.S Military.

It's just not the look which is military grade, the REAP-IR Mini also has a layout which is very similar. This allows the individuals who are acquainted with the AN/PAS-13 to get themselves familiarized easily and get used to the settings. The scope has a multi directional thumb stick control which is multi directional.

It allows you to engage in shooting activities in any light. Thus, it gives you seamless transition through day and night with just one optic scope of high quality. The optic is made by a super quality 12-micron, 640 x 480 sensor which gets the shooter the best thermal images.

The REAP-IR Mini has all the features which are available in the high-end thermal rifle scopes. This thermal rifle scope is tested and designed to standards of the military. It is a scope which is ready for battles. The scope is made of aluminum which has also crafted 6061 aircraft and can guarantee to be waterproof till one meter.

The REAP-IR Mini has an 8x digital zoom so that you can get a good view of the nocturnal preys. You also get to choose the design of the reticle which is available in 5 designs. It also has a mounting platform that makes it perfect for AR-15 and other sporting rifles to be used together.


  • Optic is made by a super quality 12-micron, 640 x 480 sensor.
  • Allows the individuals who are acquainted with the AN/PAS-13 to familiarize easily as it is very similar to it.
  • Seamless transition through day and night with just one optic scope.
  • Reticle is available in 5 designs.


  • Good for any outdoor shooting.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Very easy to Use.


  • This has the thumb stick control vs the large turrets which is not good if you hunt in the cold and use gloves.


ATN ThOR HD 640 Smart

The manufacturers ATN make the best thermal scope and night vision scope in the market today. It is specially designed for hunters who love hunting during night. All the ATN scopes are best for hunting hogs and you can hunt feral swine with the ATN ThOR HD 640 Smart. It has a very sensitive thermal sensor that can capture heat from your target and give you a clear image which is provided by the Obsidian T II thermal core. The Obsidian T II thermal core is a computer specialized to run a set of sensors, large files and also helps in mathematical calculation which is very fast. This is way better than a normal thermal scope as it consists of a range finder which is in built, along with a GPS, recoil activated video (RAV) and also WiFi streaming. Thus, it helps you capture all the night time adventure of the hunting and allows you to share it with your friends.

It is one of the top-notch gadgets and is shockproof and waterproof and all the most durable. Its price is also not on a very higher side at $4000.


  • Available generally in matte black color.
  • The dimensions of the scope are LxWxH -10 x 6 x 6 inches.
  • It is good for Hunting.
  • The weight of the scope is 2 pounds.


  • 640x480 Sensor -is a perfect night vision scope as it detects heat energy, instead of light.
  • Ballistic Calculator, this system can calculate the trajectory of your bullet.
  • Build-in Smart Rangefinder.
  • Smooth Zoom.
  • It allows you to record all of your hunting trips as it has features such as High-Resolution of Video Recording & Photos, Wi-Fi Streaming and Recoil Activated Video (RAV).


  • Not good for shooting at 100 yards, as the image gets blurred.


Pulsar Thermion XP50

The Pulsar Thermion XP50 is one of the most famous and the most sought out long-distance thermal scope available in the market. It is made of good quality germanium optics and an image sensor which is at its best. When both the elements are combined it provides a perfect view of range within 2000 yards, even if there is complete darkness. The Pulsar Thermion XP50 has the Image boosting technology and makes sure that the image quality is sharp and refined. It gives you a more informative FOV, thus making it easy for you to choose and identify your target. Even if your target is at a long range the image which the thermal optic shows you is perfect and it gives you each body specification that you can see even the hair of the buck.

If you want to view more intensely you are provided with a palette of color. Choose any color of your choice. It even allows you to record the videos and photos of your hunting.


  • It is available generally in black color.
  • The Item Dimension is LxWxH 15.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches.
  • It is used for Hunting, Climbing, Airsoft, Tactical & Military purposes.
  • The weight of the scope is 4.6 pounds.


  • The detection range is 1,975 yd with 640x480 resolution, 17um pixel pitch core.
  • It has 2x, 4x, 8x stepped zoom and an 8x digital zoom continuous zoom.
  • It also has a Picture in picture digital zoom option with a stream vision app that connects scope to your phone.
  • It has a recoil activation and a built-in recording.
  • One shot zeroing with freeze function and 13 variable electronic reticles are in the scope.


  • Does not hold on to the Point of interest sometimes.


FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS 536

FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS 536 is full of high-tech features which is compiled together in a very light thermal riflescope. It has a BOSON Core Sensor along with a FLCOS display that gives you clear, sharp images of the target in both low light and absolute darkness. It is best to capture the hunting adventure with the ThermoSight Pro’s recoil activated recording. It has the capability to store either 2.5 hours of recording or 1000 pictures.

The same feature provides you with multiple palettes, varied type of reticles and reticle colors. It also has a rangefinder technology which includes a digital compass and also an inclinometer.

It is very light in weight and is a compact optic, which is also rugged. The thermal scope is made of high-grade aluminum body and can withstand rough wear and tear. Its mounting has a Picatinny rail which allows you to attach and remove optics when you need.


  • It is available generally in black color.
  • The Thermal Sensor is made of 320 x 256 Boson VOx Microbolometer.
  • The mounting is available in Picatinny/Weaver slots.
  • The Dimensions are 10.2 x 3.3 x 2.7" / 25.9 x 8.4 x 6.8 cm Height above Rail: 1.65" / 4.2 cm/
  • The Weight is around 1.78 lb. - 810.0 g.


  • The FLIR has a BOSON Core Sensor for thermal detection.
  • It is made of world class rugged aluminum which is very durable.
  • The images are clear and sharp.
  • It has all advanced features making it completely digital.
  • 2.5 hours of recording or 1000 pictures.
  • The reticle has a video recording option.


  • Battery pack which comes with the scope is not worth it.


Armasight by FLIR Predator 640

The Armasight by FLIR Predator 640 is a very light in weight thermal riflescope which is made in America. The technology added to the thermal scope are microbolometer and an uncooled FLIR core. This can give you perfect images in pitch dark location. Even in smoke, snow or haze in the atmosphere it clearly shows the target. It has all the features which are required in a professional scope. The additional features are different color modes and digital zoom. It includes a remote which is wireless. To control all tactical operations along with recording of video and a warranty of 10- year. It is well known for the best intuitive controls in the scope industry. It is very easy to install the scope and the lock mechanism is very user friendly, so it works well with Picatinny rails, Weaver and MIL-STD-1913.


  • The magnification is around 1x.
  • The dimensions are 194mm x 68mm x 78mm or 7.6” x 2.7” x 3.1”.
  • It has a Thermal image camera.


  • It has a Thermal imaging camera.
  • It has the latest uncooled 2-micron core technology.
  • The reticle patterns are 6 in number which are digitally controlled.
  • It has the extended operation time when an additional battery is attached.
  • 3-10-year warranty of FLir detector.


  • Not applicable.


IR Defense IR Hunter Mark II

It has the best in class germanium optics and a technology consisting of a MicroIR 12um which captures super crisp images with very less battery consumption. The frame rate is 60hz and the display is MIL-Spec Emagin micro OLED display which makes it very easy to shoot both long-range and fast-moving targets.

It has a very sleek design and is very beautiful to look at. However, when you touch it you feel it is rugged and can withstand even extreme weather.

It is the best infra-red thermal scope with very nice push button controls. The intuitive controls are where any shooter would want it to be. This feature makes it very easy to use even in pitch dark conditions.


  • It has a 640 MicroIR Thermal Sensor.
  • Super-Fast Image at 60hz.
  • It also has a Digital contrast Enhance feature.
  • Magnification is 35% More than the other scopes.
  • Edge detection Mode is also available.
  • 40% More Battery Life.
  • Cip-On Capability has been increased.
  • Image Quality is sharper.


  • Compact sleek scope.
  • Button controls are nice.
  • Comes with three different reticles - Thermal Combat Reticle (TCR), Thermal Dot Reticle (TDR), and Thermal Subtension Reticle (TSR).
  • DFC Digital Focus Control feature on image enhancing processing. It makes the image of 320x240 look like 640x480.


  • Not applicable.


The OpticGuru Thor LT Thermal Scope

If you are a beginner at using thermal rifle scopes the price of the scopes may get your head spinning. However, this scope is an awesome thermal rifle scope at a price well under $2000. If you have a budget to think of this is one of the best scopes you can find in this price range.

There are some features that are missing such as WiFi streaming and ballistic calculations. It still is very good at detecting heat of the body which is the main focus of the thermal rifle scopes, even in harsh conditions.

It is durable, rugged and very reliable and to top it off, it is very affordable. The thermal scope is made of high-quality aluminum and its recoil is resistant to even weapons of high caliber. If you need a good thermal rifle scope at a very affordable price. This is the best scope which is available in the market currently.


  • Good for Hunting.
  • Approx. weight of 1 Kilograms.
  • It is made of high-grade Aluminum.
  • It is compatible with all rifles.


  • It is available at a very affordable price.
  • It has advanced heat detection centers which lets you see through even smoke and fog.
  • Its look is like a traditional thermal scope.
  • Provides you maximum power with less battery consumption.
  • Lighter than other scopes.


  • At 100 yards it’s blurry and hard to identify the target.


Trijicon Teo SNIPE-IR Clip-On Thermal Sight

If you are looking for a thermal scope for night time, this is one of the best options. It gives you the freedom to keep your day scope with you as well. It has a simple design but its feature is not that simple. It gives you a perfect image even in low light and pitch-black situations. IT can withstand extreme weather and is made of high-grade aluminum alloy. Also included with the scope are the thumbstick controls, Visrelay Collimating Optic and image capture features to give you perfect scope for hunting.


  • The resolution of the sensor is 640x480.
  • 2.5X optical magnification.
  • 8X digital magnification.
  • Sensor Pixel Size is of 12 Micron.
  • 60hz is the Sensor Frame Rate.
  • It has an objective focal length of 35mm.


  • Perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.
  • It is made in America.
  • Very easy to handle.


  • It takes a couple of months to get adjusted to the thermal rifle scope.
  • Expensive.
  • Complicated Collimation.
  • Double rail space required.


How Do Thermal Rifle Scope Work?

They are also known as infrared rifle scopes. These optics capture heat which is given off by the person or animal or any object. The scopes have been connected with lenses which can focus on energy mitted and the details is then carried to the sensor array to make calculation of the target location.

Is Infrared Light Necessary With Thermal Rifle Scopes?

It is not required as the thermal scopes benefit from IR lights but it is not the same with the thermal scopes. They don’t require any light.

What Type Of Gun Can A Thermal Rifle Scope Be Mounted On?

Any rifle which has the capability to mount scopes can handle the thermal rifle scopes. However, most of the shooters prefer the hunting caliber rifles to mount the thermal scopes.

Can A Thermal Spotting Scope Be Used During Daylight?

The thermal scopes do work during daylight but it is much trickier to visualize images during daylight. Many thermal scopes do offer a daylight feature.

Can Thermal Imaging Equipment See Through Walls?

The answer is negative. The thermal rifle scopes can only gather images when the target emits energy or heat from them.

How Effective Are Thermal Scopes For Long-Range Shooting?

The best thermal scopes would calculate the exact distance and the placement of the shot up to 250 yards. However, many models available in the market even claim that their thermal scopes can help you reach out to targets which are around 2,000 yards ahead. However, the price would dramatically increase.

Is financing available to purchase a thermal scope?

As you are aware that thermal rifle scopes are not cheap. Hence, shooters who want to buy a new rifle but don’t have the funds to buy one can consider get it financed. Many financial institutions fund it.

The best thermal scope available in the market is the Trijicon Teo REAP-IR Mini. Its specification is so unique that it makes it the best option when it comes to choose from the best thermal scopes in the world and also the thermal scopes which are mentioned above in the article. This scope is made by a super quality 12-micron, Superb sensors. It is easy to familiarize easily with this scope. Along with seamless transitions through day and night.

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